Christina Key ·   27. December 2016  ·  64 Kommentare
Hey babes! Are you in good health after these festive season? Or are you bursting at the seams? :”D Well, Nico and I worked very hard on this post. Actually I wanted to show you just one look for New Year’s Eve but then I thought it would be cooler, if I going to show […]
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Nico Treeman ·   25. December 2016  ·   1 Kommentar

Winter Waffel Rezept

In den Wintermonaten verändert sich nicht nur das Wetter draußen, auch drinnen wird die Veränderung in der Küche sichtbar. So wird im Winter vermehrt wieder mit Nelken, Zimt und Muskat gewürzt und mehr gebacken.

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Christina Key ·   22. December 2016  ·   28 Kommentare

Color Lookups – Free Download

Better photos with free color lookups – Today I have something special for you guys. After I talked about photography tips – the light, photography tips – the magic of colors, LOW BUDGET photography tips and cinema graphics, I will show you today how you can make your pictures looking better with my color lookups.

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Christina Key ·   3. December 2016  ·   4 Kommentare

Timo Tetzlaff by Christina Key

Spätsommer Fotshooting mit Timo Tetzlaff

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Christina Key ·   23. November 2016  ·   19 Kommentare

Photography tips – Discover the magic of colours

Photography tips – Discover the magic of colours – Colour can express more than you might think

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