Exposure Time

 2. February 2017  ·  74 Kommentare
Basics – Exposure Time. Last Tuesday started a new series of photography tips. After we talk in the last post about the aperture, we will have a look on the exposure time today. The exposure time is the time while the light hits the sensor. Here we have to remember: The longer the time the brighter […]
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 22. December 2016  ·   31 Kommentare

Color Lookups – Free Download

Better photos with free color lookups – Today I have something special for you guys. After I talked about photography tips – the light, photography tips – the magic of colors, LOW BUDGET photography tips and cinema graphics, I will show you today how you can make your pictures looking better with my color lookups.

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 23. November 2016  ·   20 Kommentare

Photography tips – Discover the magic of colours

Photography tips – Discover the magic of colours – Colour can express more than you might think

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 31. August 2016  ·   84 Kommentare

Low Budget Photo Tips

Create amazing photo effects with
simple household items – Today I want to show you how to create amazing photo effects – just with simple household items.

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 27. June 2016  ·   19 Kommentare


Photography Tips

Which Camera is the best for me?

Find the perfect camera for you Do you like to buy a new camera? That isn't easy and if you realize how many different camera systems there are, it is really hard to find the perfect one. Because of that I wrote a little description of different types of camera for you. I will show you the […]

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