White Shirt In Summer. // A touch of the 70ies

 24. Mai 2015


White Shirt and brown bomber jacket, portrait fashion blogger

Hey guys! Are you ready for some 70ies flair? Well today I have a new look for you! As 
some of you know, I'm totally obsessed with the fashion from the 70ies and the 80ies! 🙂
I love my new shirt from Soccx! It's so edgy and the white color and cut works with almost
everything! I've chosen an old, cool jeans, some very edgy earrings ( 70ies, oh yeah!)
and a few brown wristbands. I think all this brown stuff goes very good with the white shirt
and the blue jeans! I wanted to add something personal in this look here. So, I'm wearing
a beautiful necklace a la Carrie from "the sex and the city"! I really have to say I love it!

portrait of fashion blogger girl christina key from berlin

70ies look, style, brown earrings,

white shirt and blue jeans, fashion look, outfit, mode bloggerin christina key

This old brown boots and this lovely bag are a perfect couple, aren't they? 🙂

Berliner Bloggerin Christina Key Portrait, Inspiration, Sommer Outfit

Christina Key, Mode Bloggerin Deutschland

This jacket, that I've found at the flea market some years ago, is the epitome of the 70ies!
Don't you think? I mean it looks so old, so vintage and sooooo cool! I love the colors and 
all the pattern on it. The woman who sold it, told me that so many guys wanted to buy this
jacket but they thought it would cost too much. Well I've paid about 20 euros and I really think
that this is NOT too much for a great vintage piece like that! Look how the brown of my belt and
shoes works perfect with it! Awwww, lovely or?

Vintage, Bomber Jacke, Bomber jacket

Fotografie, Model Christina Key, Pose,

Make Up Inspiration für den Sommer, blonde Haare, Berliner Bloggerin

I thought I have to add an "old" look to my pictures here. So it's perfect for this pretty look!

Boho Look, Wildes Outfit, Jeans, Hotpants, sexy model

Schmuck, Christina Key, Mode Bloggerin aus Berlin

braune Stiefel, blaue Jeanshose

The whirte shirt suits perfect with the other stuff I think. What do you think?

Lächeln, Blonde Locken,

Do you like this breathed on 70ies look? Let me know! 🙂 See you soon! Love, Christina Key


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