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Christina Key was founded 2015 by Christina Key and Nico Treemann. It’s really important for both photographers that their photos and posts have a high quality. The blog is popular with photographers but also fashion lovers. The versatility of the different posts is intended to offer the reader alternate and interesting topics, which reflects the personality of the two blog writers. While Christina Key writes about fashion, lifestyle and beauty, Nico is the expert, when it comes to lifestyle and great food recipes.

The categorie “photography stories” shows extracts of artistic works, which were free works or custom work from both of them. It’s self-explantory that the photographs, which you can see on the website, are all selfmade. Within almost one year, “Christina Key” has become to one of the best-know in South Germany. The both authors moved to the capital city Berlin at the beginning of 2016 to develop themeself and the Blog and learn more about the fashion industry. 

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