Baby It’s Cold Outside // Winter Fashion Look By Christina Key


Christina Key is wearing a winter jacket and red hair

Warm and even so edgy 

I wish you a wonderful Fashion Friday babes! The week-end is within reach but before I want to vent one's pleen. 

Number 1: I think some of you are also connected with these other social medai stuff, with instagram for example I see more and more followers which follow you just for a cuple of hours or at best for a couple of days. After that time they unfollow you again. Seems that their mantra is something like "Look here! – I'm here and I'm interested in you but just for a short time!" It's clear, their aim is to get as much follower as they can reach but theirselfes want to follow just a few other people. My question is: Why do they something stupid like this? I mean come on, it's a big effort for such a absurd thing like that. Don't you think so? Ironically I've seen some bloggers which give this described thing as a tip to get more followers, grave! Well, this is just ridicoulous, I won't be a party to that! I prefer having real followers which are really interested in the things I do instead of such stupid and annoying fake followers. 

Number 2: The seemingly endless story about all these haters!  I'm still asking myself, why some folks have nothing to do but run others down? Everytime these nasty comments and messages, which you get today always – is that not very 90ies? Especially in some groups in facebook I've noticed this:  I post a photograph and person x (which really don't have one good photograph in their profile!) talks just bullshit about my picture. Quite often profiles like these seems to be full with discontent and grudge. Yes, sometimes you can have the opinion that something is very bad – that's pretty normal! But some folks just comment if they have to say something nasty. This really gets on my nerves! I'm honest, I really appreciate any kind of constructive critism – I mean just because we get this sometimes we can grow! 🙂 However you don't need to talk everything down that you don't like, isn't it? If I would comment every single post that I don't like with nasty comments it would takes years if I'm ready! And the big question is: Do these ugly people (character) really think that the will get better if the trample down other folks? For now on I don't know the word mercy and just push the block button. For me that's the best method because I think nasty comments like these spread very bad, negative energy. Sometimes I've asked myself after nasty comments if I do really the right thing with these whole blogger and photography stuff. But then I took a deep breath and just push the block button. Finally I LOVE what I do! Because of that I don't want them to bring me down, they are just discontentend freaks! My mantra this year is: "Get outta my way – I'm on the fast lane!" :"D

Let's talk about my today's look: I'm wearing a beautiful, embroided velvet dress in black and my new coat with this wonderful fake fur (nothing else!) which is perfect to the colour of my hair. I'm also wearing some pair of comfy boots and to get a little bit glamour in this outfit I'm wearing a brown-golden belt on my waist. The black backpack seems to be also very perfect for this look: casual and still full of elegance! At the day we shoot this look, it was fuc*ing cold. Because of that I've also needed something fluffy. The prette fake fur cap (is that the right word for that?) fits perfect with the colour of my coat, don't you think? I have to tell you that I'm really sad about my hair. The pretty red colour which you can see on the photographs is already washed out. What I do now? Aww, I think back to the roots, natural hair color ahoi!  

Black velvet dress with golden details and a chic belt

Influencer and fashion blogger babe Christina Key is wearing a cozy winter jacket in brown and a black dress

Brown winter jacket with white fake fur

Photographer Christina Key from Berlin is wearing red hair and a fluffy basket

A perfect winter outfit with a golden belt, a brown coat and a black velvet dress

Christina Key is wearing a chic black dress in winter

Wearing a black backpack with golden details and a cool winter jacket in Berlin

A great posing by Christina Key in streets of Berlin in winter wearing a warm coat

Portrait of redhead Christina Key. She is wearing a perfect winter outfit in Berlin

Black backpack in winter in Germany on a bridge


Wie gefällt euch dieser Look? 🙂 XX, CHRISTINA KEY


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