Hey dear ones! Today I have another fashion look for you. Most of you guys wanted to see more
of this look here. Thanks for your participation in my poll on my facebook page! For me it’s very
exciting to get to know how you like my looks! Well, thank god that is still so warm here in Freiburg!
I like this town for the mild climate very much! So this look is not too cold to wear in September. 
You just need to work up the courage to wear this outfit! When I’ve wore this clothes, almost every-
body gaped at me like hell! Well, I don’t care because when I was a teenager I always wore something
special, something different. I have to explain that I really hate beeing “normal”. That everything has
to be “correct” get really on my nerves! The typical way for our childreen is planned already. First school,
then studies in the best way, following marriage and kids. All this things are “right” because everyone
does that. No, I’m not. I’m not playing this game. As well the whole school system here in Germany is
terrible! A duck have to learn how to climb, a monkey have to learn how to swim. Natural that they
can’t do anything really good. Everything good halfway. Nothing really perfecet. Myself is very bad at
advanced mathematics. My teacher always got on my nerves with sentences like “Christina, you really
have to learn harder!” All I thought in moments like these was: “Yes, it’s really helpful in life to know some-
thing about roots for example, some number, that really annoying me and the worst thing about that is
that in everyday life I don’t need some roots or other advanced maths. My aim was not to study something
like maths. And no, please don’t say that my relation for maths is going to be a bad one. The thing is
maths and I were never good friends. After my general certificate of secondary education I’ve break off
our friendship. I mean we were enemies in upper stage! I should do something that I really like, for example
photography! 🙂 …Guys never let you bring down by subjects you don’t like. You don’t have to do anything!
You just have to want something! Back to my look: I’ve called this look “Back to school.” Well, it reminds me
a little bit of the school girl lolita look! Actually the title could also be “The world needs freedom”, because
everywhere happens terrible things this time! It’s so sad. I don’t know how you feel about but it crackes 
me up. I mean the world seems to be in dark age in the matter of war. It’s so sick! Money and force seems
to be the most important things right now. Human life is worth nothing. I wish myself a world without hunger,
without slave trade, a world full of justice, respect and solidarity! There is this bad war in Syria and it seems
that the world just watch. A few people have the fortune to get to europe somehow. Here, some stupid
people complain about “the strangers”. “They should go back in their own country again” – they say. 
Human = human, so easy! Why they don’t understand? I think we should learn in school something about
equality, not just things we don’t need in everyday life. Good idea, isn’t it? Below you can see some photos
of beautiful drawings from my town. I think they speaks for themself. Freedom is everything we need! 
Set your thoughts free! Enjoy the photographs! Be faithful and helpful to everyone guys! Especially in
times like now. Lot of love, CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG