Hey babes! I’m finally back with a new fashion look, called “Sky And Sand” referring to the 
amazing artist Paul Kalkbrenner! I just LOVE his amazing songs. Oh have you watched the
movie “Berlin Calling”? No? Well I say, do it! It’s really a nice film! 🙂 Well on the pics I’m wearing
my beloved (I call it) “oldschool shirt” ’cause it looks like it’s from the 90ies or even the hippie era
back in the 70ies! The pied look is fantastic I think! It really gives you a good mood, even your 
day starts too early, you don’t have coffee, you are just sad or what ever. 
These earrings are too cool in my opinion! They remind me hardly of Jennifer Lopes early
years and especially her song “Jenny from the block”. The song was brand new when I was a 
little child. I love it very much! Well my whole babyhood was minted with a lot of music. You 
probably don’t know I have 4 siblings. They are older (just one sis is younger) so I always 
heard their fave songs. I’ve raised with TLC (band), Craig David, Britney, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent,
Sean Paul, Backstreet Boys and even Bushido! (very hard haha) So the other kids always listened to
some hits for kids I always preferred the music for the older ones! :3 One of my fave musician was
(and still is) R. Kelly. His voice is flawless! I’ve inset one of his (in my opinion) greatest songs below
the pictures. You should definitive check it out! It’s so amazing! The great thing is, he always have
great lyrics, nothing sexist like a few other. Okay some are! Hey, do you have a fave song of him?
Let me know! 🙂

This lipstick in combination with this cool shirt is brilliant don’t you think? It’s pretty harmonic.
The pic below is one of my fave ones from this fashion post. I don’t know but I think it’s very
strong and kinda capturing.

What do you think guys? Do you like this look? Write it in the comments form below and 
don’t forget to stalk me on FACEBOOK and INSTA! 😉 XX, Christina Key