Spitzen Top & Mini Rock

Hey Babes! I’m back with some pastel colors! Babyblue says „hi“! 🙂 This outfit is so
hot I think! It’s very figure-hugging and punctuates the curves pretty much! Women
should show their curves and really LOVE them! Your attitude should be like: „Yes,
I have a booty and boobs, so I like to show them!“ – Younger girls often think that 
every woman should wear size 0. Well, I was never a big fan of „skinny“. I prefer „sporty“.

When my honey bee took those pics, the light was perfect! Everything was catched
in golden, sunny, warm light. I LOVE spring and summer very much! I feel much better
and really fitter in these two seasons. I can stand up at 7 am and go in bed at 12 pm
and I’m not done. I don’t know but in spring I’m full with power. Full with new energy,
new ideas and I fall every spring into full euphoria! It’s a pretty good feeling.

So, back to my outfit. This sweet blue „dress“ that I’m wearing is size 40. A little bit
to big for me but when I saw this pretty thing some years ago, I couldn’t resist. I’ve
cut it a little bit and I have a very cozy, cheap and beautiful dress now. As you know
I’m loving sale! It’s the best time for shooping great stuff for a little bit money.

Do you like it? Let me know! 🙂 XX, Christina Key
P.S thanks for my little „slow loris“ for taking these wonderful pics! 🙂 Love you!

Sommer Make-Up

Sommer Make-Up

Make Up Look with curly hair, red lipstick and golden eyeshadow by Influencer Christina KeyTropical Nights with red lips and golden eyeshadow 


Hey Babes! Today you get something tropical! A little make up inspiration which is perfectly for spring I think. I’ve used some eyeshadow in gold and orange. That lipstick is so damn hot! I like this color very much and yes I can say that’s my little favourite at the time. Golden jewellery, naked skind and red lipstick, is there anything better? I’m not sure! I LOVE it playing different roles. Sometimes the girl next door, the nerd and at another day I play sexy vamp! In my opinion a woman with different looks is very magical and hmmm just very inspiring! What do you think about my make up look? I hope you’ve  got some fresh ideas for your make up and hairstyle in spring!  🙂 XX, Christina Key


Colorful Make Up Look and Inspiration with red Lipstick and thick eyebrows

Portrait of fashion blogger & photographer girl Christina Key from Berlin


Sensual Portrait of fashionista Christina Key wearing curly, blonde hair and red lipstick