Weiße Hose


Hey babes! 🙂 You’ve got no new post for a little while, I’m so sorry I had a lot to do.
But do you know – I have holidays now! That means that I have more time for my 
two biggest loves: photography & fashion! I’m sooooooo happy about that! 🙂

Well, I wear a sheer white top from Primark, my latest jacket that I’ve found at H&M
sale when I was on tour with my little sis Angelina. I don’t know why but always when
I’m out with her, I come home with almost 100000 bags of new clothes! That’s so crazy!

I love the way how the bra with the sweet dots on it says „hello“ in this look! I always
liked sheer stuff. It’s not too much, it’s kinda charming I think. The earring is pretty 
cool I think! I LOVE stuff like this very much! Do you like it? 🙂

My watch that I’m wearing here is pretty important for me. My baby bought me a new
strap for it some months ago. It’s so perfect! I mean I love leather stuff pretty much,
especially brown things! 


That’s truly my first white jeans! I can’t belive that, I have more than 30 jeans in my
wardrobe in blue, black, green and many other but no one in white! I had to get one!
And now what? I’ve got this cool piece at……tatatatata….“Aldi“ ! Can you belive that?
Everyone is laughing about fashion from supermarkets but I don’t care! I mean if it’s
looking good it’s indifferent where you get your stuff. I have sooo many clothes that
have costs sweet 3,4 or „big“ 5 euros. No one needs much money to look good, 
always remember that! It’s about the way you style and combinate your things right!

I’m wearing originally Jeffrey Campbells, how can I tell you something like that you 
think? Well as some babes of you know I’ve won a high credit note some years ago
from 8×4. I was even on MTV! (I like remember myself on this! C: ) So I loved that 
shoes for a long time ago and it was so amazing when I’ve got 800 Euros to spend
for what I ever want! I think you can imagine! Therefore I’ve granted myself that sweet
ones. So guys, do you like this look? Please let me know and leave a comment.
Also don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Insta! 🙂 XX, Christina Key


Make-Up mit Lippenstift in orange

Make-Up mit Lippenstift in orange


Orange lipstick is all you need in March! Babes that’s so true! Orange is so colorful,
so full of joy and full of power! Orange reminds me and you on warm sunny days.
So what do you have buy next? It’s just one perfect lipstick in fresh orange! 🙂

As a perfect eye make up I’ve used some yellow, orange and golden tones. Oh, and
don’t miss a little bit of brown! It’s so cool with orange color! Don’t you think so?

Well I also in love with my new top! It’s so flossy and so perfect in spring and perfect
for my pale skin! Aww, what should I say? It’s simply perfect in all ways!

My sweet two little necklaces are from primark. They both look so tender, that’s what
I like the most of them! And golden jewellery is (as we all know!) perfect for spring and
summer. What do you guys think about this make up look? I’m just in love with it! 🙂

XX, Christina Key