Christina Key is wearing wild, blonde hair and a blue jacket

Blue blazer meets golden glitter shirt – the perfect look for wild party nights or the first date! 


Some weeks ago the great fashion week was here in Berlin as many of you already know. Happily I had the chance to be there. It was a very great and exciting week! But one question is still in my head: How fake are some (fashion) bloggers in real life?

I don't want spread some negativism here but I've recognizes that this business is very fake and pat. I've met some folks which are "friends" on this social media stuff and sometimes we laud each other – total public so that everybody can read it. I compliments when something really impresses me, so I speak out very honest, positive words. When I see somebody with beautiful hair or face I have the feeling that I have to speak it out – and I do it, directly in their faces. I mean isn't it even better to get all these compliments in the "real" life than just via social media? Anyway I did it! When I saw something or somebody beautiul I said it. I've told you already HERE what I've did already in a tram in Freiburg. :") While I was very honest and let's call it friendly some other bloggers talked bad shit about me! But no, not under wraps, right behind my back, so that I have to hear it very clear! You know this was so bad. I've told you already on my snapchat (@CHRISTINAKEYS) and the person who did it dissappointed me a lot! I've never thought that she can do something like that. I noticed that about 50 % of all bloggers which I've met in this week are very different from the image that they show of theirselfes on their blog. What a pitty! In the last time I've got so many messages and comments from you guys and you praise my honest and direct way – thank you very much! :") Well, that's just me, you will never read a post on this blog with fake words from me. This blog is my lil "baby"which represents me to 100%. This blog is me! I've try to show you like I'm in real life. For me it's pretty normal to be honest and direct and talk to you with these two proberties. You will never get a recommendation or something like that here who is not honest! 🙂

Anyway I'm very surprised and like I already said disapointed from some other bloggers. For me some are so damn fake and staged – like their are completely another person in real life. I wanted to photograph some of them but after this fake meeting I don't want anymore. 🙁 After all I've had the chance to meet some nice and very likeable babes like Anne-Catherine from FASHCATION, Jenna from LIVELIKEJENNA, Melina from melinaalt und last but no least the charming Aline from FASHIONZAUBER! 🙂  

Well, I'm very excited about the next fashion week and I can't wait to meet some new babes! 🙂 

How do you like my today's look? Huh, do you remember this outfit? This look was one of my inspirations Post for New Year's Eve! Sorry but the images were to pretty so I had to share them with yu! I hope you're not mad at this because you already got two images! :")  While I'm looking at these photographs I fall in love more and more with this pretty blue jacket! Isn't it endless beautiful? 🙂  Well I have to tell you that my hair looks very different now. If you follow me on insta or snapchat you've already seen that I'm a readhead now! The colour seems to be perfect for my green eyes and I can't wait to share a fresh outfit look here with you! 🙂 But before you get some images you should tell me what do you think about my today's post! Tell me, please! ♥

black shorts and blue blazer


Christina Key is wearing a goldne shirt and a blue blazer

black clutch

blonde fashion blogger girl christina key is wearing a glamourous fashion look in Freiburg

Christina Key is wearing a striking and pretty edgy fashion look with a golden shirt

Christina Key is wearing long, blonde hair and glamourous outfit

Portrait of fashion babe Christina Key with bleach blonde hair

Christina Key is wearing a striking blue jacket and a black hot pants

Dreamy portrait of long hair girl Christina Key

Christina Key is wearing a sexy and edgy fashion look with a black shorts and a blue blazer in the style of the 80ies

Portrait of fashionista & Influencer Christina Key wearing a casio watch and golden blonde hair

Christina Key is wearing a golden glitter shirt with a blue coat

Portrait of Christina Key from Berlin with bleach blonde hair and a glamourous make up look