Blueberry cake with white chocolate

White Chocolate Blueberry CakeBlueberry and white chocolate is my favourite dream team, especially with white chocolate. Because of that i would like to show you my favourite cake: Blueberry White Chocolate Cake! I do use for the dough a pound cake recipe. There are many different ways to use the blueberries and white chocolate on a cake. I prefer to mix the berries in the dough and put some of them on top of the cake. I do melt the half of the chocolate and mix it with the dough and the other half of chocolate. For decoration I do use ones more 100g of melted white chocolate.

Blueberry White Chocolate Cake with blueberries on top

400 g White Chocolate
350 g Blueberries
250 g Butter (soft)
150 g Sugar
400 g flour
1 Pckg. Vanilla Sugar
5 Eggs
1 Pckg. Baking Soda
125 ml Milk

Blueberry Cake with white chocolate on top



1) Stir butter, sugar and vanilla sugar until it gets creamy
2) Add the eggs
3) Add 150 g melted chocolate
4) Cut 150 g of white chocolate and add it to the dough
6) Add Milk, flour and backing soda and mix it
7) Fould 300g of blueberries in
8) Bake the cake at 170°C for about 50min


Blueberries with melted chocolate


Pink Flower on Cake



Do you also love the combination of blueberries and white chocolate?


Nico Treemann






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