Well, before you get my next fashion look “Blue and Yellow” (I excuse me for my black and yellow, black and yellow
singing via Snapchat :D) I want to share with you my beautiful memories from 2015. For me, it was a wonderful and
very successful year! I’ve met so many new and cool people and my creative chaos found the time to create great and
very beautiful photo-shootings. So in 2015 I was sometimes the model and sometimes the photographer, a great mix!

The five best liked posts from my blog are following:


So, now let’s have a look what happened 2015! Let’s go! 🙂

In January I did it for the first time, I’ve posted my very first Make Up Look, “Golden Times”
At this post I still had my nose piercing!

In this month you could see my outfit post “Lady In Red” – a very cool and colorful look! 🙂

And also in January Nico and I visited my favourite town LONDON! ♥ Aww I just love this city! I think it’s
full of magic and secrets! Sounds crazy I know…:”D

In February I felt in love again with my old coat!

In this month I was so happy, because the sun said hallo very often. So Nico and I had the chance to take
some cool outfit shoots. For example “Babyblue and Pink” – one of my all time favourite fashion posts ever!
When I look at these pictures, I want my naturaly hair colour back. 🙁 Well, I let it grew out at the moment. 🙂

In March I was the  “Baseball Babe” – a pretty cool and rocking look I think! 🙂

I also showed you another make up inspiration. You liked “Copacabana” very much! 🙂

I’ve wore almost just white in my outfit look “Sheer White” which you could seen in March. Actually I
don’t like white jeans very much but this one melt my heart!

In April you had the chance to win a cool shirt from Kater Likoli! :”) Meow! ♥

Spring said hallo also in April so I had to wear some pastel colours! You liked This look a lot! Because 
of this post I’ve got a nice message from a clothing factory. I think it’s also because this post is very
honest and has just a great message!

I still can remeber myself that in April I hardly wanted to go to the beach again! But sadly I had no time…
so I created a “beachy” look at a beautiful place in Freiburg. Well, you could think that’s on the seaside,

In May I was so charmed  by the beautiful light in the morning! Because of that Nico and I went one day
at 5 am to a great place to shoot a fresh fashion look. I can still remember how my boy and I droved our
bikes in the park near my home, we had a little bit goose bumps because it was so, so cold in the morning.
After the shooting we had a little, delicious croissant, aww Nico, I just love you! ♥

In this month I had a little change: I become the Beach Babe!

And I also had a little change in the fashion way, I did the best breach of style ever!

Aww, this month was full of great looks! For example we shoot a very romantic look in sunset!  You like
that look very much and also the casual look. Well, in May there happened something very crazy: When
Nico and I were at the fun fair to shoot another fashion look, a strange guy photographed us. When I was
at home again I saw a photo of us in the internet, ah, it was a strange feeling! Well, Nico and I shoot this
sexy look at the funfair.

Let’s talk about June! The month of my birthday! 🙂 Oh hell, this month was so hot! For sure one thing
should not be missed: I just say: “Ice, Ice, Baby!” I created also a very “Retro” and a “Boho” look, and a
 “seduction in red” and last but no least the “90ies” – inspired by Paul Kalkbrenner.

In July we had sadly not enough time to photograph more than two looks. “Wild And Free” was one
of them. Well, in this month I was more and more behind the camera, because I had so many, creative
ideas in my head so I did a lot of cool photoshootings. On the follow photographs you can see how it
looks when I’m the photographer. I hope you like my work! 🙂

Boho Summer

Make Sports Not War

The Magic Of Love

What Have You Done?

Im Sand Mit Christina R.

In August I had finally the time to create some great loks again. So “Shades Of Cool” was one of the 
fashion posts on my blog. I also walked very casual through Freiburg! :”D Oh and don’t forget the delicous
, which Nico made! ♥ 

Oh September! You was a pretty varied! I’ve never had a month with so many beautiful things. 🙂 
Well, at first it was time to “back to school” and I wrote “about my dreams” and why you should fight
for them. I’ve also wore a prety “casual look” perfect for the autumn season! Another very popular
post was the one where I talk about my favourite places in Freiburg! But that was not the whole story
of September. I’ve changed
changed my hair colour, did a great photoshooting wearing the amazing
dress from Soccx
 (at the day of the photoshooting it was so hot, I almost died!) and I showed you
another fashion look, called “Let’s Go Camping”. Nico and I also visited Berlin jobwise and to visit the

In October Nico and I were full of fresh energy and great ideas! Wel I would say in this month we did even
much more than in the stressful month before. But there were no time for a little pause…at first I showed
you some fashion looks which we photographed in Berlin! I posted “the power of dreams” , showed a boyish
look called, tada “TomBoy” look and a very feminine look where I also talk about my beloved Berlin. Arr,
we also photographed a fashion look here in Freiburg. So in this post
 I told you what I have done in the
“Rainy Days” could not bring me down in October. When I was all alone at home one day, I did it
again! I’ve created another freh
 make up look ♥ Besides some fashion posts you had the chance to get
some really great food inspirations in October. Well, Nico created some delicious recipe like
 this endless tasty
, a classical pumpkin soup
 and so sweet and beautiful flowers. 

Ah so funny, I think Nico and I did very much especially in winter! 🙂 So November was full of things
to do. The beginning of the last month of the year was very sweet – proverbial! 🙂 So our first post was
th “Melting Moment”. I told you
 “how photography changed me”. I also told you why I think it’s important
“to print photographs”. Of course I created a fresh “Make Up Look”. The post you liked very much was the
one with my 
“Lifestyle Tips for ! I was really angry about all these TFP-Photoshootings, why?
You can read the full article 
. Because Christmas Eve was not far away, I showed you some really lovely
ideas, which I called
 “Gift ideas with personality” and I was the “Lady in green Escada Jacket”. Nico wrote
a few very delicous recipes, for example 
 “why you should be offline
for a few days”.

The last month of 2015 was not here to hang arround, no, we worked very hard again! We wrote some
interesting and different posts. Well, I’ve written about 
“why you should shake off your coyness” and I
asked myself if Christmas is “the cellebration of love or consumption?. Nico wrote about something
very delicious:
 “cookies”! ♥ I’ve shown you a very “chocolaty Make Up Look” and asked myself if
I’m too fat”. In the middle of December I’ve wrote about something very important: my “Beauty Routine”
in winter. And, I’ve did it again! I showed you my latest “breach of style”. You loved it! 🙂 And of course
I did an extra “Make Up Look” just for Christmas Eve. One of the coolest and costliest post was the one
about “what to wear on New Year’s Eve”. Nico took wondeful images of a very great post:
Food ideas for New Year’s Eve. 🙂 

Well, what are my plans for the new year? Aww, I move to Berlin, finally! ♥ What else I’m going to do
is soon written down in a new post. Now tell me guys, which posts do you like the most? 🙂 At this point
I want to thank all of you who support me and write such wonderful and lovely comments! ♥ I hope all
of you have a great, healthy and lovely 2016! Love,
 Christina Key