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Today I have something special for you guys. After I talked about 12 genius tips for better photoshow to take amazing portrait shotsphotography tips – the light, photography tips – the magic of colors, LOW BUDGET photography tips and cinemagraphics, I will show you today how you can make your pictures looking better with my color lookups.  You can find 6 different and very good looking color lookups ready to download below. It would be amazing if you could link this blog after you uploaded your pictures using my color lookups. If this blog will be more successful I can give you more free goodies like actions for photoshop, other color lookups and so on. I’m going to upload more color lookups perhaps, so you better bookmark this site. 😉

Color Lookups Gratis


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 Retro Charming

This filter gives your pictures a beautiful retro look. It’s perfect for portraits, fashion photos but also nice for landscape and product photography. 

Color Lookup Beispiel


Schlafmaske mit Punkten

Kostenlose Color Lookups

Schwarzes Glitzer Kleid

Gratis Color Lookups

Fotoshooting im 90er Style
baby hair shooting



 Soft Ice

The color lookup called soft ice will brighten up your photos, gives delicate colors and after using this color look you pictures look more fairy. For all people who don’t like green in their photographs this filter is amazing because it helps to change the green parts into yellow ones. 


Swirly Bokeh Portrait

Portrait mit Swirly Bokeh


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Florian Roser Portrait

Color Lookups zum kostenlosen Download









The filter called skylar gives your photos more contrast, sharpness & dynamic. Skin tones getting browner, which is perfect for beautiful sumer portraits but actually this color lookup is amazing for many pictures. 












 Color Splash

If you use my color lookup called color splash you change the red selection of image regions into pink ones. This filter is perfect for creative portraits and fashion looks. You get also amazing results with landscape pictures. If I’ve created this filter a little bit earlier, the photo story Swirly Bokeh Portraits would look a little bit pinker than it looks now. 🙂 This color lookup is one of my personal favourites. 

Color Lookup Bild Beispiele

Color Grading Filter

Color Lookup Gratis Download

Color Lookup

Color Lookup vorher

Free Color Lookup Download


Color Lookup Vergleich
Kostenlose Color Lookups



 Sand Blue

This color lookup is a true allrounder. You can use it for portraits, landscapes but also for beauty shoots. (see below) This filter brighten up you pictures and gives a beautiful summer touch. 

Fotografie Blog

Fotografie Tipps

Tipps Bild Look

Tipps Fotografie

Fashion Blog Berlin

Photoshop Tipps


Color Lookup vorher nachher
Color Lookup Vergleich



 Summer Sun

Summer Sun will brighten up your pictures. Because it haves a cyan colored light, this filter is also amazing for portraits and fashion shoots. You can use this color lookup for product photography as well!  


Kostenlose Color Lookups Christina Key

Blog Tipps Christina Key

Portrait Tipps Christina Key

Tipps Portrait

Tipps Licht Fotografie

Blog Tipps
Fotografie Blog Tipps


Which color lookups do you prefer? 🙂 XX, Christina Key ♥





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