Cook healthy!

This is one of my favourite Recipe: Couscous with Guacamole. I use in this recipe tomatos, leek and zucchini. The perfect mix of regional and exotic superfood.

Extra gentle preparation.

The 3 Killer of nutrients and vitamins: heat, watte and very long cooking times. But to eat only raw vegetables are not the rigtht way, many of Vitamins will only work in our body after heating.

Did you know? Avocados have an ingredient (Avocatin B) help leukemia patients.


The soulution is: „sous vide“. We heat the vegatable wihtout getting in toutch with watter. After my first try I was realy suprised about the great armoa of the vegetables.



(4 portions)
350 g Couscous
4 Zucchini
8 Leek
2 handfull alnuts, chopped
1 L Vegetable stock
1 Avocado
1/2 Oinion
2 EL Lemon juice
Salt and Pepper


1) Pour vegetablestock over couscous.

2) Let the couscous soak for about 10 min.

3) Cut tomatos, leek and zucchini in small pieces, and vacuumize them.

4) Heat up to 83°C and put the vegetables for about one hour in the water.

5) Mix the couscous with the vegetables and chopped walnuts.

6) Pul the Avocados and mash them.

7) Chop onions in smal pieces and mix them with lemon juice and avocado.

8) Serve the couscous with guacamole.