Homemade gifts are simply the best

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and therefore you should think about what to prepare for your loved ones. If you need food inspiration, you should check out my Valentine’s Day recipes article. For all those getting stressed right now since they spent all their money for the last Christmas presents, I have fantastic news for you! In this post I want to show you beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas with wow-factor that  are homemade and above all absolutely not expensive.

At least after my article LOW BUDGET photo tips you might have noticed that I like to use household items and similar objects. Since DIY gifts are more appreciated than bought presents we can hit two birds with one stone today. In order that you can create these ideas even easier I have linked the products which I have used to make the gifts. If you want to steal one of the ideas anyway I would be very grateful if you could just click on a linked product. Thus, I get a small commission and can write more such articles for all of you ? ♥ The good thing about these gift ideas is that they can also be made for other holidays such as Mother’s Day, St. Nicholas Day or birthdays, as well as just to bring along as a nice souvenirs when you’re invited somewhere. Now that many, many super cool gift ideas are waiting for you let’s not talk too much but let’s do the job properly. Are you curious? Let’s go!

Pin box make-over

 This Valentine’s Day gift idea is unisex and can both be given to ladies & gentlemen. The basic module for this gift is a pin box which can of course be replaced by any other box. Also when it comes to design the box you can vary according to your preferences. For this gift I chose a transparent pin box on which I have attached pretty flowers. Such a box can be filled perfectly with homemade chocolates (like mine), sweets, love letters, vouchers and more.  

DIY Geschenkidee

Geschenkidee DIY

Selbstgemachte Geschenkbox

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Film container with ombré look

The more mature readers still might know them: the film containers from analogue times. These containers can be perfectly used as sweet wrapping for personal gift ideas just like necklaces, rings or little love messages. Filled with some cotton, you can protect the piece of jewellery perfectly that you want to give away. By the way, the cotton reminds of cotton candy, especially when you grab the pink cotton wool.

Of course, this container does not look so pretty in raw state, so I painted it with nail varnish in ombré style. The golden pendant that I put in my finished film container I have glued myself with glitter dust. Such sweet heart pendants can be found in the children’s jewellery department for little money.

DIY Geschekverpackungen

DIY Schmuckdose

Geschenkidee Valentinstag

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Sweetheart Bottle Mail

 This Valentine’s Day gift idea is especially perfect for newly in love couples but also for couples who have been together for some time. This bottle mail is very personal and above all very original. All you need for this DIY gift idea is a sweet bottle, heart-shaped glitter confetti, some natural cord and of course your love message.

Valentinstag Geschenkidee

Flaschenpost Geschenkidee

Geschenk Valentinstag

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Sweet storage box

This beautiful Valentine’s Day gift idea is perfect to present sweets, cookies, small cakes, homemade chocolate, bathing balls and more. For this gift I chose an old Pullmoll box, that once contained herbal candies, and I redesigned it with a lot of nail varnish.

To create this star look you simply need to apply circles on the box with the nail varnish and pull them outwards with a wooden stick. As the basic colour I chose cherry red. In addition, I used pink and white nail varnish. I painted the edge of the can in the same colours but with different patterns.

Geschenk Valentinstag Unisex

Aufbewahrungsbox Geschenkidee

Verpackung Valentinstag

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Self-made rose scrub

For this sugar-sweet rose peeling you only need two ingredients: sugar and rose petals. I recommend using organic roses as they are free of harmful substances. To make the sugar scrub, simply blend some sugar with the rose petals of about two rose buds and fill the finished scrub into a pretty glass bottle. You can simply use an empty salad dressing bottle for example or a similar bottle. To make the bottle even more decorative you can download pretty labels for free in the download field below. With a little cord you can wrap the bottle neck and add another label, for example „made with love“. Only the juice of the rose petals gave this sugar scrub its pretty pink colour.


Geschenkidee Valentinstag Rosen-Peeling

Valentinstag Geschenkidee Selbstgemacht

Selbstgemachte Kosmetik

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Glamorous surprising box

Ready for a little surprise? With this super cool surprising box sparkling eyes are guaranteed! Just pack some fluffy feathers or confetti in the box and hide your real little gifts like a necklace, a ring, a voucher, a key for a new car or a newly renovated room or a separate locked jewellery box. As packaging you can simply use a paper box that you can decorate with sparkling jewellery.

Valentinstag Geschenkidee Überraschungsbox

Selbstgemachte Geschenke

Valentinstag Geschenke selbstgemacht

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Marbled cups

Cups are a great gift idea for Valentine’s day, because we use them every day. You can either use designed cups or one-coloured cups and design them yourself. I used nail varnish for my cups (see picture below) by giving it drop by drop into a bowl filled with water. In order to get the marble effect, simply pull a wooden stick through the nail varnish you have put into the water. Then hold the cups directly into the water and turn them in a way that all the surfaces you want to paint are coloured.

Valentinstag Geschenke DIY

Valentinstag Geschenk selbstgemacht

DIY Valentinstag Geschenkideen

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Love drinks

With this love drinks you do not only delight men but also women. Just take the favourite drinks of your loved ones and wrap them beautifully. Of course you can also attach small love messages directly to the bottles.

Valentinstag Geschenkidee für ihn

Valentinstag Geschenkidee für Männer

Geschenkideen Valentinstag

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Pretty (cookie) boxes

As the saying goes „love goes through the stomach“ and thus a perfect Valentine’s Day gift should also include some sweets. But even the most beautiful cookies can’t show off without the right packaging. That’s why I want to show you three different cookie boxes.These can be simply conjured from old crisp boxes or cookie jars or with old preserving jars.


Geschenkidee-DIY Valentinstag Keksdose

Kreative Geschenkideen

Geschenke selbstgemacht


Selbstgemachte Keksdose

Geschenkideen für Valentinstag

Gratis Etikett


Low Budget Keksdose

Interior DIY

Geschenkbox selbstgemacht

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Heart of yarn on a pinboard

Of course, the symbolic heart belongs to the celebration of love. With this stylish pinboard with a heart made of strings you will surely make your loved ones very happy. Unlike chocolates or a pretty bouquet of flowers this cool pinboard made of cork lasts for a lifetime. Once hung up, it always reminds us of love – ain’t that great? For this homemade Valentine’s Day gift you only need three things: a pinboard, some yarn and many pins. First step is to pin the contour of your favourite motive on the pinboard. I recommend using a paper stencil to make it more even. Then, you loop the yarn around each pin at least once. Go ahead, up and down, from left to right. The more lines you create with the yarn, the more dense your picture will become in the end.

Besondere Valentinstags Geschenkidee

DIY Bild mit Herz

Romantische Valentinstag Geschenkidee

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Much success for you!

Selbstgemachte Geschenkideen

Valentinstag Geschenkideen Selbstgemacht

Originelle Geschenkideen DIY

Tassen Marmor Optik

Selbstgemachte Pralinen

Selbstgemachte Geschenkverpackung

How do you like my DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas?

Let me have your opinion! ? XX, Christina Key ♥


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