Good morning on a rainy Tuesday folks. The first day of September seems to be a grey day.
Nevertheless I have a brand new fashion look for you! I’m wearing a very pretty dress from 
H&M, that I’ve bought some weeks ago. I like the pattern and the color of it very much. It reminds
me on the hills full of marble in Italy. When I was a child I was there with my family and I have 
beautiful memories. Endless hills from elegant, white brick. Have you ever been there? If not, do
it, please! 🙂 Do it just because it’s Italy! I mean Italy is one of the most beautfiul countries ever!
Well, for me. The best of Pasta, wonderful beach coasts and the country is full of the most kindest
people! So warm-hearted and helpful. I love Italy a lot! Well, back to my fashion look. To give the
dress a little extra pop, I’ve used some hot pink lipstick. I think they are like chalck and cheese together.
It’s just very pretty with the pattern and the color of the dress. The earrings, that I’ve found at H&M too,
are flawless in my opinion! They are kinda 80ies and a little bit of Lana del Rey’s style, don’t you think?
A little bit glamour, a little bit vintage. I enjoy that. The dress should be not to sweet, so I had to 
add some rough, black boots. I like the contrast very much! Light dress and rough boots, looks like
rock chic! How do you like my look folks? Love, CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG