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If you try to be another person, you are not you! 


Last time I've noticed that many people try to be another person. They simulate to be more successful or to be liked by the bulk in general. I've told you already in THAT post that I can't go along with it. You know that post was talked much of. I think this is pretty awesome because with every single post I want to give you a thought-provoking impulse! If it works and the people discuss about a topic I've reached my personal aim. 🙂 

Well, I just can't get over the fact that some people feign and don't be just who they are. Everybody has the power and the opinion to create another, a better world! In my opinion you don't have to comply any type of beaut idol to be successful. The best examples are the pretty model Winnie Harlow, who got insulted as a cow or a zebra when she was a kid or femme fatale Kate Upton, who doesn't  look like a size 0. Diandra Forrest exist beyond the usual beau of ideal and that beautiful woman is very successful anyhow! There are so many extraoridinary people, which aren't conform the ideal of beauty. but delights the masses! There are Shaun Ross, who everybody have already seen on a ad campaign at least for one time I'm sure or  what about Rick Genest, better know as "Zombie Boy" who thrills the people with his very special look and has that amazing memorability. Every single person which I mentioned is endless beautiful in their own way and perhaps because of that so successful.

If the people tell me that they just can get successful if they are adapt the bulk, all I can do is shake my head. Sometimes, it seems to be true but don't they want to risk something? Don't they have courage? Don't they want to escape from this prison full of shady ideal of beauty, detox lies, face filters and sameness? Ever since some people already noticed that another face don't look good at theirselfes at snapchat face swap we should realize that's the best to be yourself. We are individual entity who are completely different. That's amazing! Imagine that all people would look the same, how boring the world would look! The same eyes, the same noses, same bodies, yes perhaps the same armpit hair! We should be very thankful to be different, I mean this is the best thing! You know we all are already different just if you are true to yourself and listen to your heart. Just do what yourself like to do! Wear the clothes you want, don't follow the mainstream trends, perhaps they don't look good on you. For myself it would be very unsatisfying to be successful just because I've tried to be another person and weren't true to myself. 

In general I have the feeling that we stand in a kind of change, in a time where the people don't want to see all these standards. We have so many chances in the world of work or in the way of looking, let's enjoy that! We are ready for something new, something real. Ready to be oneself. Use your voice and be a part of the alteration!

Fashion Bloggerin trägt einen camel farbenen Mantel, eine Franzen Weste und einen schicken Hut am Strand von Rügen

Die Berliner Bloggerin Christina Key steht am Strand von Rügen und trägt eine High Waist Jeans und einen Hut

Christina Key trägt einen langen, braunen Mantel und eine braune Franzenweste im Boho Look

A fashion look, inspired by the landscape of Rugia 

camel coloured coat meets light blue high waisted jeans & a jacket with buckskin look for the boho vibes at the Baltic Sea Beach 

My today's fashion look is again inspired by mother nature. To be more accurate it's inspired by the wonderful Baltic Sea Beach isle Rugia. Perhaps you've noticed that I was at that pretty isle earlier this year. We've shooted THIS and THAT look there. And today's outfit as well. I wanted to get a beautiful colorful agreement. The light blue jeans stands for the ocean, the long, camel coloured coat stands for the sandy beach, while the boho jacket is inspired by the dunes: wild and untamed. While I describes this outfit I'm asking myself if I'm a freak? :"D Well, anyway I think this outfit looks perfect in this beautiful place on earth. What do you think guys? 🙂 Have a nice Friday and also a great week end! XX, Christina Key ♥

Die Wahl Berlinerin Christina Key trägt eine hellblaue Jeans

Details des herbstlichen Outfits von Christina Key

Schöne weiße Tasche mit braunen und blauen Details

Portrait von Fashion Bloggerin Christina Key an der Ostsee

Christina Key schaut direkt in die Kamera und trägt einen braunen Hut