Schwarzes Kleid, Frühlingsoutfit


Black dress meets blue Escada blazer // Beautiful fashion look for summer 

Happy FASHION FRIDAY  babes! After a few cloudy days here in Berlin the sun is back and the temperatures of the thermometer rises and rises. Today I want to present you a beautiful summer fashion look. The light, black dress is perfect for these days and it's the base of this outfit. Because it's very plain you have the chance to combinate it very different. But the real eyecatcher from today's look is this awesome Escada blazer with it's striking button row it's very beautiful. You can wear this look while you go shopping or when you visit a museum but it's great for your date as well. You could think that this pretty blazer hast cost a fortune but you are wrong. I've just spent 5 euros for this brilliant item of clothing. At this point I want to talk at another topic:


Why you should buy second hand clothes more often:

Today beautiful clothes doesn't cost a lot. You can buy a brand new look for a few euros. Fashion made in China is produced very cheap and because of that we can buy clothes on the cheap. The worker work for a pittance and the conditions are often very bad so that we can go shopping very cheap here in Germany for example. I don't want to goint into the detail here, no.  I rather want to convince you to guy second hand clothes more often, fashion from a flea market for example. In times of heavy duty detergent, disinfectant and fabric conditioner some people have problems with wearing fashion from strangers and I have to say that I don't understand this. If you grow up in a bigger family it's pretty normal wearing clothes which were already worn.  To  persuade from the benefits of second hand clothes here are some tipps:



– If you buy second hand you save a lot of money and so it can help you to go on holiday

– You can buy more items of fashion and because of that you have many more ways to combinate them

– Already worn clothes are better for your healthy because they haven't dangerous pollutants any more cos they
had to many ablutions already – this is a great aspect for newborns

– Especially clothes for kids aren't worn a lot because in the age of 0 – 10 they grow up very fast 

– Buying second hand clothes is very good for mother nature because burning used textiles accrue toxic fumes
which attain the nature

– You buy yourself more individualism because the items are seperates so you will never meet another person in the
same clothes like you 

– You meet some nice folks and you get talking to them very easy because you have to arrive at a priece 

Foto von Blumen auf der Wiese


Fashionbloggerin Christina Key aus Berlin im royal blauen Escada Blazer

Have I conviced you? 🙂 It feels amazing wearing second hand fashion and to save this money for other things. Look, I even smile! :") 

Christina Key lächelnd auf einer Wiese in einem schwarzen Kleid und einem blauen Blazer

Christina Key Portrait mit einem Hut und Ring

Wunderschöne Blumen fotografisch abgelichtet

Blonde Haare und ein stylischer Hut trägt die Berliner Bloggerin Christina Key diesen Sommer

Fashion Bloggerin Christina Key steht lächelnd auf einer Blumenwiese und trägt dabei einen braunen Hut und ein sommerliches Kleid


Ein royal blauer Blazer von Escada kombiniert mit einem beige farbenen Hut und einem Kleid


Eine hübsche Blumenwiese und Tannenbäume


Blumen an einem sonnigen Tag

Have a great Friday and a lovely week end babes! ♥ XX, Christina Key