Fashionista Christina Key from Germany is wearing a brown boho vest, a chic hat and a light blue lace top

Gentle sea breeze, wild waves, soft wind on your skin – Baltic Beach Sea welcomes you! 


Welcome to my brand new FASHION FRIDAY babes! Well, some days ago I've already posted a little teaser of today's look on my Instagram  account and today is the day you get the whole damn outfit! 🙂 I think the most of you guys think of coachella festival – which tooks place every year in sunny california – while seeing boho looks these days. Sadly not everybody has the money and the time to fly there and celebrate and take fashion looks. In my today's fashion friday post I show you how beautiful a boho look can look at another, very different place – The baltic sea beach! I like the contrast of wild look and soft landscape very much. Also the colours looks very harmonic together and I don't know if your clothes with all these pretty fringes are waving amazing like mine with the fresh baltic sea beach breeze. :") I think this whole outfit looks very harmonic with the shades of brown and gold and the contrast with the ice blue lace top is just awesome, isn't it? 🙂 You should already know this beautiful top from THIS fashion look! 🙂  


Yesterday I've visited the German Press Days here in Berlin and I'm very surprised about the different agencies! While you get a very great welcome at some agencies you get even ignored at some! I think that's a real no go! It's a shame that some let feel you pretty unwell and even unwelcome! I mean they have some pretty cool labels but in my head I don't have nice memories because of that. I also have to tell that some agencies are very friendly, cool and let feel you amazing! I'm going to tell you more about that in the next weeks, stay tuned! 🙂 

Have a nice Friday dear ones! 🙂 ♥ XX, Christina Key 

Christina Key is laughing and wearing beautiful bracelet in gold


Dreamy portrait of fashion blogger Christina Key at the Baltic Sea Beach



Christina Key is wearing a great fashion look for perfect days at the beach

The blonde photographer Christina Key is wearing a brown cord skirt, a blue lace top and a beautiful boho jacket


Portrait of fashion blogger Christina Key at the Baltic Sea Beach



Blonde Hair, beautiful lace top and golden jewellery



Christina Key laughing and wearing a hat



a beautiful white bag with golden details