Portrait of fashion babe Christina Key while she is wearing XXL earrings and statement jewellery

Stylish also with 50 years

Have you ever asked yourself how you will probaly look when you are 50 years old?

I've thought about and in today's FASHION FRIDAY post I want to explain and show you how I want to look! They say very often if you are 50ies, you can't dress like a 20 year one. I say bullshit! Why you should make yourself boundaries in your dresscode? I think I would be the girl which thinks: "Now more than ever!". Maybe my son or daughters friends will aks if I'm the big sister, while I pick them up in school – in the future time! :") 

In my opinion you should wear whatever you want, no matter how old or young you are. If I would go out for a drink with my friends, I would wear this look which you can see on the photographs. Chic, full of glamour but not too much. Because this pretty glitter top is very eyecatching, I've choosen a casual. To get a cool touch in the whole look, I'm also wearing a jeans in the used look. I don't know, if I would choose a pants with this look but probaly. To underscore my womanhood – also as a mature woman – I would choose red lipstick, high heels and XXL-earrings. The jewellery suits perfect to my blonde hair. To put an extra part of coolness in the whole look, I would prefer to wear my hair braid, because the rest of my look is full of extravagance, means that I have to reduce my hairstyle a little bit. 

How do you like you my today's look? 🙂 What do you think, how you will dress yourself with 50? 


Fashion Blogger Girl Christina Key is wearing a golden shirt, statement jewellery and a blue jeans

Christina Key from Berlin is wearing a grey jacket, red lipstick and curly, blonde hair

XXL earrings with mirror effect

Portrait of fashionista Christina Key from Berlin while she is wearing the perfect party outfit

Glitter shirt in gold and red lipstick - the perfect combination for wild nights

Black wedges

Make Up Look with red lipstick and dark eye shadow


Christina Key is wearing her hair very curly and her make up very striking

Christina Key is wearing a used look jeans in blue, a glitter shirt in gold and a black jacket


Glitter top and black jacket with grey details 

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Atelier GS! ♥