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No risk, no fun! 

It's alsmost a half year now since I've moved from Freiburg to Berlin. I wanted it for a long time but I had to wait for the right moment. It was very spontaneously: A friend was searching after a new tenant at facebook for his old flat and when I've read this post my heart leapt into my throat. I wanted to own this flat! And so I get it! At the Christmas Eve I've met him in Basel and got the keys. What a crazy Christmas evening? I always wanted to move to Berlin since I'm 14 years young. I think especially for young folks is Berlin a great city and a chance to express yourself. You know my hometown Freiburg is a very pretty town but the people are so dated and stuffy. They look at you like you are from another planet just if you are wearing a hat! I'm very happy that I don't live there anymore. 

Why do I tell you this?

In the last couple of days I get so many messages with the question how I've managed my move from Freiburg to Berlin, therefore across Germany. Should I be honest? I just did it! I haven't thought about too long, I just made it. Because my eductaion was terrible I had nothing left to loose. I think especially when you are young you should do something big like a move because if you are a little bit older than 25 it's not that easy. You know what I always say is: If you don't risk something you will get older faster. It's the changes which keep you young. If you think about a move for a long time, just do it! No risk, no fun! Since I live here in Berlin I had the chance to meet so many great people. I had so many beautiful days you can't imagine. In the South of Germany the people are very often full of envy and grudge I think. Here in Berlin everybody want to help you, even when they don't know you.


Three colours which create a harmonic outfit 

Happy  FASHION FRIDAY! The sun shines more often – finally! – and because of that my today's fashion look is more colorful. The last outfit has been very clean and chic and today it's more spring like. Many people think that you shouldn't more colours than two, I say bullsh*t! I'm wearing three different colours and I don't think that I lool like a parrot! :") The secret is: choose colours which look harmonic together. My outfit is full of soft colours. I wanted a little bit colour in my face so I've choosen berry lipstick. Isn't it looks perfect with that beautiful jacket in the same colour? 🙂 The pretty cool high waisted jeans – which you have seen  HERE in an amazing colour combination looks very chic with the necklace. Because the jeans is a flare one, you can't see my shoes, I think this looks pretty interesting! 

Christina Key is wearing a light blue jeans and a chic blouse

Fashion blogger Christina Key is wearing a high waisted pants and a bordeux red jacket

Details of a colourful fashion look

Beautiful summer outfit created by fashion blogger Christina Key

Portrait of fashion blogger girl Christina Key


Photographer & Fashion Blogger Christina Key is wearing a very sexy outfit in Berlin

Blonde fashion blogger Christina Key is wearing a chic jacket in red and a blue pants

Christina Key is looking at a river in Berlin

How do you like this look? And are you already moved to another city? 🙂 Have a nice weekend people! ♥ See you on the next SCHLEMMER SUNDAY! XX, Christina Key