Hanseatic City Hamburg

A walk through Hanseatic City Hamburg 

Well, I don't know how the weather looks like in your town but here in Berlin it's very grey and cloudy since weeks. Because of that my today's photos seems to be perfect. We shot this look in Hamburg. I'm wondering many beautiful girls already wear skinny dresses, skirts and shorts, well is the weather not a little bit too cold here in Germany? If I have to go out here in Berlin I have to wear still warm stuff like I do on the photogrpahs, it can be very cold these days! :/ It seems that spring comes a little bit (too) late this year, hell no. I can't wait wearing beautifful lace dresses and off shoulder tops! :") And I want to shoot some fresh outfit photographs outside with beautiful flower power in the background! 🙂 

Let's talk about my today's look: I', wearing a high waist jeans in dark blue, my beloved coat, which I'm also wearing HERE  a pretty lace top full of lovely details. Yes, without a sweather the whole look would be a little bit too cold, because of that I'm also wearing a black sweater with stripes in white, so typical Hamburg I think! The tiny sweet bag, which has cost the same like 3 croissants, suits perfect to the rest colours of my look! What do you think? 🙂 And how do you like my today's fashion look? 🙂 I wish you a wonderful week end and take a little pause for yourself. I suggest you THESE beauty tipps! 🙂 XX, CHRISTINA KEY

Christina Key is wearing a beautiful winter coat with fake fur

Fashion babe Christina Key wearing a dark blue jeans and a black sweater

Christina Key is wearing a perfect winter outfit in Hamburg

Portrait of Christina Key with red hair