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No – A pretty difficult word for some people 


"My name is no, my sign is no, my number is no" – Femme Fatale Meghan Trainor reminded us with her great song "NO" that we can use this answer sometimes. Everytime when somebody ask us a favour we need to think about the right answer. You have to think about if you say yes you say no to something other and vice versa. If you take care of the children from your friend on a Saturday evening, you have to say no to your date. If you do the tasks for somebody else you have to shitcan your own plans perhaps. If you say yes or no you have to envisage the consequences. Yes, its easier said than done.  

At first you should aks yourself the following questions: "What will happen if you say no?" // "When should this taks be done?" // "How much time does it costs and does it bring youself more forward? 

These three questions are pretty important and can help you to choose right. Myself said very often yes although I thought no. But I've learned to say no. Well, some people don't understand a no and that's the thing I don't understand. I mean, come on, everybody has a lot to do and if I haven't time it's my right to say no. Sometimes the own taks are just more important. 

Well, you can't reckon to get something back if you help others, that's right. But I think if you love somebody you can work for nothing. Some people trust and count on you and that's the causes which you don't think about money or some kind of other pay. You know it's also a great feeling to help others! 🙂 I think some of you know what I mean, huh? If you helps your lil sister to find the perfect prom dress for hours or day you do it because you love her. You expect nothing in return. But you have pritoritize because if you meek and mild about the questions you will loose yourself. If you say yes everytime you get exploited probably. For me it's most important that my own tasks are done when I say yes to strange ones.


In my opinion everybody has the right to say no more often. Ones can't force you to do something. I think we know this all: We said yes but we wanted to say no. We felt beholden. After a few minutes we've regretted. Myself bought so much stuff in my last holidays at the street markets because I felt quilty to buy something from the seller. If they look at you with that special look of expectancy you can't say no. I've bought some stuff that I don't need  but at home it outgrows. Today I've learned to say no and you can't imagine how good it feels! 🙂 


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Christina Key, Fashion Blogger from Berlin

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What do you think about? Do you know these situations? And hey, how do you like my today's fashion look? I know, questions upon questions. 🙂 Have a great week end babes! ♥ XX, Christina Key