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Dark blue lace skirt meets transparent lace body 


Have a wonderful Wednesday dear ones! Today I will visit the fashion show of Rebkka Ruétz here in Berlin and also check out some fashion parties. If you wonder why you get a brand new fashion look on a Wednesday: Well, I've asked you which look should come next, the 1, 2 or 3 question on facebook, if you don't remember. 🙂 The result was undecided so because of that you will get two fashion look this week. One today and the other on the FASHION FRIDAY. 


I did it again! Another time I'm wearing underwear on the streets, like I already did HERE – doesn't it look very edgy? If you combinate it pretty cool and well, you can wear it on the streets and nobody notice that you are wearing your underwear. :") If I haven't told you that I'm wearing in this outfit post underwear again, you haven't thought it, huh? Well the dark blue lace skirt is just awesome with it's transparent length and very pleasant for hot summer days. Very lightly and swagger as well. Because this fashion look is very romantic and playful I've choosen a beautiful golden locket, which suits perfect to the black bag with golden details. You know, usually I love wearing striking make up but here I prefer a nude one. I'm thinking about to buying this beautiful negligé to wear it also on the streets. Yes, you need to wear something under it but I think it would look just awesome with a black dress. What do you think? 🙂 

Detail Sommer Outfit

Edles Outfit

Portrait Fashion Bloggerin Christina Key Berlin

Deatils Dunkelblauer Spitzenrock

Romantisches Outfit mit schwarzem Spitzenrock

Schwarze Tasche blonde Haare

Rückenansicht Spitzenshirt und Rock

Schwarzer Rock

Spitzenoberteil in altrosa

Schwarze Tasche

Sexy Spitzenrock


Wehendes Klei im Wind Bewegung Outfit

Schickes Sommer Outfit

Rock mit Spitze schwarz dunkelblau

How do you like today's fashion look? 🙂 XX, Christina Key ♥