Gold & Plum // Make Up Look // Inspiration Tuesday


gold meets plum

Today I have a brand new Make Up Look for you guys! 🙂 Golden eyeshadow is very "in" – no question. Combined with beautiful shades of bronze and a black eyeliner you can create such a glamourous look! This colour of eyeshadow looks especially with a sunkissed skin very well. If you rather are a part of the fraction "cheese cake" I would recommend to use some bronzing poweder. 🙂 Just adapt it lavish on your cheekbones and the region arround your temples. See that gold builts a very harmonic look with other warm shades I've used a very beery tont on my lips. I've also used a draker shade of this beery colour on my nails. All together very harmnoic, don't you think so? 🙂  For my hair I've choosen a edgy wet look. Looks very fresh and full of glamour, do you agree? 




How do you folks like this look? XX, CHRISTINA KEY ♥




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