Christina Key shows some very edgy outfits

My favourite outfits from all my looks until now // Fashion Blog Berlin 


Today I want to share with you all my personal favourite fashion looks from this year. It's crazy how fast time flies! I notice this especially when I have a look at my  Fashion Looks or Foto Stories . I hope that you like some of my looks! 🙂 The game with pattern, materials, cuts and combination is a great one I think! As you can see all of my fashion looks are completely different. For me it's very important that you get a great variety here on my blog. I also read other fashion blogs and I notice very often that many girls always wear similar looks, for me this is pretty boring after time. It can be a reason why I don't want to visit such blogs once again. I really don't know why the most of – especially fashion bloggers – follow this mainstream thing with "all overexposed, everything hype" with all these white, clean and so boring pictures! Do they think that the images are only beautiful when they are excessive bright? Well, today I want to show you that you images can also be very beautiful and especially interesting when they are a little bit darker or more colorful. For example the BOHO LOOK AT THE BALTIC SEA BEACH is not like these classical bright fashion looks but also very interesting! I think it's a great variation, which let your Insta Feed look more interesting in my opinion. And for me a great variety is pretty important! I can't stand it any longer, all these blogger folks with this "clean, looking similar insta feed! For me blogger like that are very displeased, addicted to mainstream and because of that very boring! I really don't understand why all of them follow the similar schema? I thought that we want to differ from each other. I mean we do this with our style or am I wrong? We wear clothes, which underlines our character, express ourselfes? But why do so many insta accounts look so similar?  To get more likes, more follower or because the "clean" feed is very in trend this days? If I'm honest it's very absurd and embarrasing. You can't do this! You can't play-act to get more attention! Where is your personality? Where is your character? Who is the real person behind this similar looking account?  A person, which want to distinguish but still follow the mainstream? You know what? I refuse! I prefer posting images, which I like and shows my personality than follow some dumb trend and have an account which looks like the one from million other users! My feed is not the most cleanest but at least it shows me to 100%!

Now let's talk about my looks:



wild, free and always ready to visit the next festival 
Fashion Blogger Girl Christina Key is wearing a brown boho vest, a dark leggins and a beautiful hat


superb feminine, gentle but punchy Christina Key is wearing a very edgy fashion look which is inspired by Rebekka Ruétz


cool and wonderful bohemian 
Photographer & Fashion Blogger Girl Christina Key from Berlin is wearing a chic High Fashion outfit


colourful, fresh and finde female
Christina Key is wearing a light blue high waisted jeans and a bordeux jacket in the streets of Berlin


noble, plain and pretty sexy
Fashionista Christina Key from Berlin is wearing a chic, silver dress with a beautiful bra


edgy, perfect combination of colours and warm for winter

Christina Key is wearing red hairs and a brown winter jacket in Berlin

Which look is your favourite one? And what do you think about these mainstream insta feeds? XX, Christina Key ♥