Fresh colours & Oriental Accessiores for beautiful summer vibes in your home 


If you go outside, you can see all these beautiful flowers in all kind of colours and even the bees, butterflies and more says "hi"! It's spring time! For me the best thing is that the sun is shining more often and the temperatures rises. Like every year in the end of April I also do it this year – I pimp my room! :") Means that my home gets a real make over. I say goodbye to all the cozy winter stuff and say hi to the fresh spring vibes! I say hi to all the summer colours, light materials and I also buy some floral beauties! You know, I'm a huge fan of Oriental gem, colorful collage and beautiful orchids – best in strong colors like mine one here in pink. It's sure that you can't buy fresh stuff every single year. Because of that I want to share with you today some great tips for decoration your home cheaply and very speacial. Let's go! 🙂 


The very special wooden mask is a souvenir from Sri Lanka and stands for healthy. Because it has very different colours it looks great with almost every other colour and also to a establishment with summer vibes. It looks especially great with these beautiful collage, isn't? 🙂 The pretty shell with the blue stones is from a holiday in South of France – which is not just pretty but also reminds me at an amazing time with my family! Doesn't it looks perfect with the blue collage?


Colorful cushion covers – alternate single-colour and patterned – ensures for a fresh, summer atmosphere! To get a harmonic overall picture you should choose the colours from the cushion covers also in other parts of your home. It's the blue shell and the big candle which gves the whole room a very harmonic look. Light, transparent materials – like on the right side – will help you to create room full of summer vibes as well! 🙂 


Beautiful and especially unique pictures doesn't have to cost a lot! These colorful collages have I made by myself. I've just used a thousond of different magazines. Doesn't they look super cool and creative? 🙂 The frames are also the results of a DIY afternoon. I think the white one with lace material looks perfect with that beautiful flower photography. The dark brown one looks amazing with the bird picture as well. I've paid attention that all colours and images looks harmonic together and as you can see, the colours from the pictures are also in other details.  




Do you do the same every single year? And how looks your home now?  🙂 XX, Christina Key 







In friendly cooperation with Westwing! ♥