The places to be in Freiburg // By Christina Key


Today I have a special and personal post for your guys! I will show you my five favourite places
in my hometown Freiburg! Myself only know some of the hot spots just for a little while but don't
matter! You just have to stroll through your town like a tourist, because suddenly you will see
your city in another light. Believe me, this experience was very exciting for me! Well, let me
thrill you! And don't forget: If you are in Freiburg (Black Forest) check out one of my personal
hot spots! To the folks from Freiburg: Do you know some other cool places? So write your tip
in the comment form below and maybe I will write a part two! 🙂 Love, CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG


1. To still someone's hunger derfreiBurger

My favourite restaurant is located in the middle of Freiburg. In my opinion you get the most
delicous and freshest Burger in town at "derfreiBurger"! The meat is 100% fresh beef and
is grilled on a grill made of lava rock. You can choose between eight different burger types.
My favourite burger is called "Mediterran-Burger" because I love feta cheese and olives. 
For those of you, who don't eat meat: You can also buy vegetarian meals here. For example
the "Vauban-Burger", the "Veggie-Plate" and of course you can also buy some French fries!
If you like some Hot Dogs, you are also right at derfreiBurger! The restaurant serves three 
different types of hot dogs. I have to say that I like the pretty cool mood there! A long wooden
table, trendy lamps and modern designer-chairs invite one to linger. The yellow wall and the
smell of fresh made burgers blows away bad mood, like we often know it in grey autumn days.
So, should you visit Freiburg, don't forget to get your best burger at derfreiBurger ! 🙂 It's worth it!


Address:                         Opening hours:
Schiffstraße 16               Monday – Saturday: 11:30 – 21:00 
79098 Freiburg               Sundays and legal holidays: closed


2. To go for a stroll: Along the steam Dreisam
Sometime there is nothing better than to escape the busy everyday. Beeing only and always
up to date can be very busy and annoying. Checking your mails after work? Organize the 
surprise party for your best friend after work? Buying your daughters present? To get
a little time-out in Freiburg you don't have to search a long time. The "Dreisam" is a good
place to calm down! Especially in autumn it's so beautiful because you can see colorful
autumn leafes. If it's summer you also can get your personal wet refection. It's very
funny with friends, try it out! Also a copious picnic is great at the Dreisam! 🙂 


3. To by fresh food (and more): The Münstermarket
You get super fresh and regional foods at the "Münstermarkt" in Freiburg. Besides
vegetables and fruits you can also buy some beautiful flowers. If you want to try
the "Lange Rote", the famous bratwurst with a lot of onions, you should check out
some of the wurst stand. The warm-hearted farmers blab some good tips for you, if
you ask them. Myself like to buy some antipasti at the market and I'm never leaving
without some pretty flowers! Especially the mood in the morning, when the golden
morning light says hello, is beautiful! The other great thing at the morning is that
the market is not flooded with people. This can happen at lunchtime very quick!
Well, this beautiful market is worth visiting! No matter if in the morning or at
lunch-time! 🙂

Opening hours:

Mo-Fr: 7:30 – 13:30
Sa:      7:30 – 14.00


4: A place of silence: The old church yard
If you need a place, far away from noise of cars and crowds, I comment the 
old chuch yard in Freiburg. The mood there is so special! For me this place
emanates completeness, peace and feature like no other place in town. In
my opinion this place is perfect to live in the here and now. Nothing and no-
body disturbs you and you just can think about what ever you want. Especially
for the grave of the little girl, called Caroline Christina Walter, is this church yard
famous. Since her death in 1867, everyday there are fresh flowers on her grave. 
There are many different legends about who brings the flowers. 



5. To hang arround with your friends: The "Kanonenplatz" at Schlossberg
After a stressful work- or schoolday hanging arround with friends and enjoy
the life, is very nice at the "Kanonenplatz" at the Schlossberg. The place has
a fantastic view, I would say the best view, over Freiburg. You can have a nice
chat with someone or just bide a while. You just have to walk about 10 minutes
and after that the beautiful view is waiting for you. If you need a little refection,
you can bring your own cold beer, fruity smoothie or something to nibble. The
Kanonenplatz is also nice for your first date! On this great view there is always
something to talk about! 🙂 


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