Beautiful Autumn Moments // Lifestyle Tips

For narrow two months it’s already here. The wonderuful and incredible very colorful season, autumn. Since a long time autumn is definitly one of my favourite seasons, right after spring. The days are getting shorter, the evenings cozier. Finally you can get your winter clothes out of the cellar and wear all these cozy and gorgeous sweater and jackets again. It’s the time of the year, where all of your caps and scarfs having their high season. If you can’t decide which of your socks you should wear, don’t matter you can wear both, because anyway our feet is cold. I think you can see that I really like autumn. I’m glad that the temperatures are lower. Well, I like autumn not just because of the fashion way, I like it especially for following reasons: 

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It’s time for exciting books and delicous teas! 

In summer we are doing so many different things like swimming, hanging arround with friends in parks, eating ice cream and much more but we don’t have the time to read a book. Well, that’s how summer is in my life. But how great is it to read an exciting book is needless to say. I’m sure you all know this feeling. For me autumn is perfect to do it: Reading! Above all in this social media era „real“ books – I mean no e-books (!!) are very rare. It’s such a good feeling to browse in a real book. Breathe in that typical smell, aw! It’s sad that we are all so busy with our smartphones, tablets and more, so that we haven’t the time to do something just for and with us/ourselfes. My tip: Grap yourself a great book and a delicous tea and just feel the moment and enjoy your time. The time just with yourself! Well, I like reading a lot but at the moment I prefer books about photography and fashion. 🙂 Everytime I get a lot of great inspiration! Juhu! 🙂

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A hot bathtub is the epitome of relaxation

It can become very cold outside now and sometimes you are just very happy, if you are at home again – especially after a long day of hard work! What is the perfect thing for days like these? Yes! A hot bathtub with candles, a glass of red wine, good music and a little bit of bath salts for a great smell – a pure benefit after long and especially grey days! After a great bath I’m feeling much better and full of energy! Of course you can also read a good book in the bathtub but be careful! Don’t relax too long in the hot water, because it can dry out your skin very fast! Deal: Use enough moisturizier cream! 🙂

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Take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air and the colorful miracles

Especially for it’s colorful appearance I like the season autumn very much. Wherever you look, you can see these colorful leafs everyhwere! Even a grey town looks in fall very beautiful. If you feel a little bit flabby and tired just take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of mother nature – you will see, after it you will feel much better! 🙂 Not only to escpae the stress of common day life a walk outside can bring you down, you can also get new, fresh energy and motivation. That beautiful look when the sun brings the colorful leafs to shine is just awesome! Do you know what I mean? 🙂

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Time to make (and eat!!) selfmade sweets!

Selfmade sweets like cookies or cake let beat my heart very fast! I just love selfmade food! The long evenings are perfect to try out new recipes or to make food by using your own favourite recipes. Turn on your music player and listen to good music and start to create delicous food! You know what? Let’s plan a evenig to bake cookies or/and cake! You can also invite your friends and family to bake with you – I swear it’s very fun! 🙂 In this sense: Good appetite, enjoy your meal like I do on the photo! 🙂 (I eat THIS delicous stuff!)

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Give me the popcorn! Movie Nights celebratin‘ a comeback! 

What is better than eat selfmade popcorn and watch a great movie after a long day? You can see, nothing is better! 🙂 Well, if you have never made selfmade popcorn, you can have a look at  THIS post, I explain you everything about it step by step. Well, my favourite movies are: „Blue is the warmest color“ (How beautiful the light and especially the bokeh is! Awww!) , „Remember me“, „Save the last dance“ and „Burlesque“ – Christina Aguliera looks so sexy in that movie! Hey, what’s your favourite movie? 🙂 XX, CHRISTINA KEY’S BLOG


The Soccx Event // By Christina Key


Almost one week ago I visited the great event from Soccx in Berlin. They showed their latest fashion
autumn/winter collection and I can tell you: The latest stuff is amazing! I’ve saw so many cool pieces
and I think my next shopping day is coming very soon! All the cozy sweaters, the cool jackets and the 
beautiful pants catch my eyes! The mood this evening was pretty cool, everywhere you saw beautiful
people, beneath Germany actors, blogger and so on. I have to tell you that I love the amazing jeans
jumpsuit from Tanja Bülter, she looked flawless this evening! 🙂 You can have a look here for more
pictures of the great event. We also got delicious food, good drinks and great music. Remembering
this evening I just get the feeling to want all those great things again! It was really a pleasure!
Thank you Soccx for the invitation! That evening I was wearing a beautiful black dress with glitter
details, a hat, my beloved black backpack and of course my latest leather jacket from soccx. You
will get a fashion post about my outfit in some days. My bae and I took some pretty cool outfit
photographs in Berlin the next day, stay tuned! 🙂 XX, CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG