CONCRETE DIAMOND IDEA DIY – 2 IN 1 - Today I would like to introduce to you a damn nice and brilliant DIY. Since my concrete tree project – which came really with you – I am in the fever. In the concrete fever! One can create the nicest and most modern things with this building material. Also as gift ideas many are suited very well. So also the today's one. Because I clarify dear not only to introduce practical projects, but also, today I show you an especially cool concrete Do It Yourself idea. The today's concrete diamond idea DIY is immediately 2 things in one! One can use this nice piece as a jewellery filing – for example, for arm maturity – as well as for plants.

Homemade gifts are simply the best Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and therefore you should think about what to prepare for your loved ones. For all those getting stressed right now since they spent all their money for the last Christmas presents, I have fantastic news for you! In this post I want to show you beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas with wow-factor that are homemade and above all absolutely not expensive.

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