In today’s world we take a lot of them. Whenever and wherever people do it. As fast as they take them, so fast they are forgotten again. Well, I’m talking about photographs. The technology of today helps us to capture all these beautiful moments whenever we like. No matter if you take your smartphone, tablet or your SLR – you always can take photos. We won’t forget all these important moments, we want to make them immortal. But listen. Is it cool to having all these beautiful photographs – which were captured by ourselfes – but let them just on our memory cards or hard drive? I would say if we have all these photographs just in digital form we will forgett all the pictures very fast! So guys, let’s do this more often! Let’s print our photographs more often! 🙂

Because most of us takes their photographs digital and not analog, we don’t have this feeling of joy, when our photos are finally developed. We see the result right after we took a photograph. Well, sometimes I take analog photos. It’s really great and I always have a lot of fun. It’s a different feeling to take photos analog instead of digital. You don’t know if your photos look cool until they are full developed. It’s like you get a surprise bag – full of tension and joy! Well, if you have got the feeling that you should print your photographs once again, you can do this on FotoPremio ! Do you have printed the beautiful photos from your last holiday already? No? Then it’s high time!  Do it now! 🙂

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