Chocolate and me are really best friends. Especially bubble chocolate, hell it’s so delicious! ♥ But hey, you can’t use chocolate not ony to eat. You can wear it as a make up look! No, not proverbial. :”) Well, let’s say that I was inspired by chocolate to create today’s make up look. I really, really LOVE brown lipstick this time, I’ve told you already in THIS post. On the photographs I’ve used a lot of different shades of brown for my eye make up. So the result is a harmonious total image. I think that because of the brown eye make up my natural eye colour jumps out more. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that I’ve changed my colour of hair a little bit. It’s now very golden, just a warm shade. I’ve used Colour Fresh but I have to say that I’m very unhappy about the shade! Not because the actually shade but the colour stayed in my hair for only one shampooing! 🙁 You know, one tube of Colour Fresh costs 17 Euro, so this is just a expensive mistake. I had shades of Colour Fresh a few times before and I had the colour over months in my hair! So for now I just have a light shimmer of gold in my hair. The follow photographs are taken by myself with a selftimer. I’ve took the photos in my own flat, right in front of the window. When I took them, some folks observed me, so funny! :”D Imagine how it looked when I took the photos, Christina with a selftimer in her hand, in front of her the camera on a tripod and she takes some “selfies”! 😀 😀 It was a little bit awkward but I think the result is nice. The blue and endless cozy sweater is perfect for this make up and hair look, don’t you think so? The colour seems to be perfect for these shades of brown. How do you guys like this look? 🙂  XX, CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG