Sommer Make-Up

Sommer Make-Up

Make Up Look with curly hair, red lipstick and golden eyeshadow by Influencer Christina KeyTropical Nights with red lips and golden eyeshadow 


Hey Babes! Today you get something tropical! A little make up inspiration which is perfectly for spring I think. I’ve used some eyeshadow in gold and orange. That lipstick is so damn hot! I like this color very much and yes I can say that’s my little favourite at the time. Golden jewellery, naked skind and red lipstick, is there anything better? I’m not sure! I LOVE it playing different roles. Sometimes the girl next door, the nerd and at another day I play sexy vamp! In my opinion a woman with different looks is very magical and hmmm just very inspiring! What do you think about my make up look? I hope you’ve  got some fresh ideas for your make up and hairstyle in spring!  🙂 XX, Christina Key


Colorful Make Up Look and Inspiration with red Lipstick and thick eyebrows

Portrait of fashion blogger & photographer girl Christina Key from Berlin


Sensual Portrait of fashionista Christina Key wearing curly, blonde hair and red lipstick



Weiße Hose


Hey babes! 🙂 You’ve got no new post for a little while, I’m so sorry I had a lot to do.
But do you know – I have holidays now! That means that I have more time for my 
two biggest loves: photography & fashion! I’m sooooooo happy about that! 🙂

Well, I wear a sheer white top from Primark, my latest jacket that I’ve found at H&M
sale when I was on tour with my little sis Angelina. I don’t know why but always when
I’m out with her, I come home with almost 100000 bags of new clothes! That’s so crazy!

I love the way how the bra with the sweet dots on it says „hello“ in this look! I always
liked sheer stuff. It’s not too much, it’s kinda charming I think. The earring is pretty 
cool I think! I LOVE stuff like this very much! Do you like it? 🙂

My watch that I’m wearing here is pretty important for me. My baby bought me a new
strap for it some months ago. It’s so perfect! I mean I love leather stuff pretty much,
especially brown things! 


That’s truly my first white jeans! I can’t belive that, I have more than 30 jeans in my
wardrobe in blue, black, green and many other but no one in white! I had to get one!
And now what? I’ve got this cool piece at……tatatatata….“Aldi“ ! Can you belive that?
Everyone is laughing about fashion from supermarkets but I don’t care! I mean if it’s
looking good it’s indifferent where you get your stuff. I have sooo many clothes that
have costs sweet 3,4 or „big“ 5 euros. No one needs much money to look good, 
always remember that! It’s about the way you style and combinate your things right!

I’m wearing originally Jeffrey Campbells, how can I tell you something like that you 
think? Well as some babes of you know I’ve won a high credit note some years ago
from 8×4. I was even on MTV! (I like remember myself on this! C: ) So I loved that 
shoes for a long time ago and it was so amazing when I’ve got 800 Euros to spend
for what I ever want! I think you can imagine! Therefore I’ve granted myself that sweet
ones. So guys, do you like this look? Please let me know and leave a comment.
Also don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Insta! 🙂 XX, Christina Key