01 Jun 2015

Pinker Tüllrock

  Ice, Ice, Baby! That’s all you need in summer! (laugh) Do you remember that song? The video of this song is so funny! Well I have to say that the music form the 90ies and also 80ies is pretty cool! Do you like the music too? If you know Queen, you should notice that


27 Mai 2015

Pinkes Cocktail Mini Kleid

Hey babes! Do you want some candy? I have some candyfloss for you! Well, it’s really some kind of crazy but I bought it just for these pictures here! Yes, I think I should be honest with you, so it’s my open “secret” now! Actually I don’t like cotton candy, it’s too sweet for my


21 Mai 2015

Sexy Spitzenkleid in schwarz

  After a few days of a lot of work (new projects, so exciting!) I’m back here again! This post is one of my favourites I have to say. You want to know why? Well, I was always obsessed with lace dresses. If I’m honestly I have very many different lace dresses in different colors


13 Mai 2015

Pünktchen Bluse & Jeans

  Hey babes! I’m back with beautiful light of evening sun! Backlight is something magical I  think! I love it, ’cause it covers everything in brilliant, gold glow. As you can see this stunning light was the eponym for my today’s outfit. You won’t believe it but these pictures accrued total random. When my boy


10 Mai 2015

Movie Night.

  Hey dear babes! 🙂 What about a movie night? I think it would be an amazing idea! And you know what? Nothing is better than selfmade popcorn! It’s so fresh, so sweet and sobuttery! Believe me, selfmade popcorn is the best in the whole wide world! If you have everdone this, you will never buy


09 Mai 2015

Beach Hair

  Hey babes! As many of you read via Facebook I have changed my color of hair a little bit! I’m very difficult with new hair looks now, don’t ask me why. Formerly I was very reckless with different haircuts and hair color. Well perhaps this has changed because I’m “older” now! (laugh) Well, this is


01 Mai 2015

Jeans Kleid & Bomberjacke

  Hey babes! How are you? I hope fine, in spite of all this bad rain. 🙁 Well today you  can have a look at my current favourite spring look! I’m wearing a lot of jeans, act- ually only jeans! Okay, the shoes and the bag aren’t jeans. 🙂 I really like this outfit because


26 Apr 2015

Weinrote Hose & Print Bluse

  Hi everybody! Today you get some warm, sunny pictures. And of course a fresh  outfit! I’m wearing a sweet pants in red wine, a charming blouse, which is perfectly for spring! 🙂 I really like these colors together. They remind me off sweet flowers which you can see truly everywhere in spring, even in


24 Apr 2015

Blaues Spitzenkleid

  “Catch me if you can” – Who of you saw that movie? 🙂 I think it’s a briliant film!  That’s my favourite picture of that shooting. I’m wearing a sweet, blue lace dress and black studded wedges that I’ve bought a long, long time ago. I love them, ’cause they look great with almost


20 Apr 2015

Spitzen Top & Mini Rock

Hey Babes! I’m back with some pastel colors! Babyblue says “hi”! 🙂 This outfit is so hot I think! It’s very figure-hugging and punctuates the curves pretty much! Women should show their curves and really LOVE them! Your attitude should be like: “Yes, I have a booty and boobs, so I like to show them!”


17 Apr 2015

Sommer Make-Up

Hey Babes! Today you get something tropical! A little make up inspiration which is perfectly for spring I think. I’ve used some eyeshadow in gold and orange. That lipstick is so damn hot! I like this color very much and yes I can say that’s my little favourite at the time.


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