„The Magic Of Love“ // Photographs Shot By Christina Key

Hey babes! 🙂 Today I have a new photo story for you! This time I’ve renounced the beauty retouching, so the photographs are pretty natural. I think sometimes it even look better than a very edited photo! At the time I really like this „natural“ look of photographs! I’m thinking about to take a photo story of beautiful women, without any retouch. Hey, if you come from Freiburg and want to be my model in that project write me an email! 🙂 Well, do you guys know the song „Skinny Love“ from Birdy? I’m sure you do! If not google it! That song is perfect for this story, don’t you think so? The two souls are so beautiful and also a very great couple in the photographic way! I can remember that I was so happy about them on the day of the photo shooting. I think that these two beautiful people made a great job! You can imagine that they are in love together, hmm? They are not. You should know the boy Nick from THAT photo story already! 🙂 Now, have fun watching the photographs! I hope you like them like I do! Do you feel the magic? 🙂 XX, CHRISTINA KEY

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