Pinker Tüllrock


Ice, Ice, Baby! That’s all you need in summer! (laugh) Do you remember that song? The
video of this song is so funny! Well I have to say that the music form the 90ies and also 80ies
is pretty cool! Do you like the music too? If you know Queen, you should notice that the start
from the song „Ice, Ice, Baby“ is a little bit affects by Queen’s song „Under Pressure“. Yeaaa or?

So, back to the outfit of today. I’m wearing a very pink skirt, which almost looks like a tutu! 
If I’m honest, I wear pink not so often but I have to say, in this combination with the black
jacket, the sporty shoes and the blue shirt, it doesn’t like so bad! What do you think?

Funny thing for my German readers: At the first moment when I wear it, I’ve thought of „Cindy aus
Marzahn“ haha, so funny! 😀 Well, never forget to laugh about yourself a little bit! 😉

You will not believe how stressful this little „photoshooting“ was, the ice cream was almost
melting away! (laughing) After the pictures, my hands were really grimy! My boy had to open
the door, I couldn’t….

What do you think about this pinky fashion piece? Let me know babes! 🙂 XX, Christina Key

7 Antworten auf „Pinker Tüllrock“

  1. oh ich liebe diese bilder! und dein eis sieht ja mal so lecker auss 😀 würde Ich am liebsten klauen 😀
    allerliebste Grüße
    deine Limi ♥

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