Hey babes! Do you want some candy? I have some candyfloss for you! Well, it’s really some
kind of crazy but I bought it just for these pictures here! Yes, I think I should be honest with
you, so it’s my open “secret” now! Actually I don’t like cotton candy, it’s too sweet for my taste.
But hell, that was to be expected. (laughing) You will not believe it but I had my very first 
candyfloss in the age of 19! Isn’t this insane? When I was a little kid, my parents always told
me that this sweet looking candy is too bad for the teeth and would not taste good. Well I have 
to say that they were bloody right….x) 



This dress is my latest luv! The color and the shape are very great! It’s very figgure-hugging
and it feels just like a second skin. It’s just perfect! 


When my boy and I took these pictures here, the atmosphere at the fair was amazing! You
should know that I’m very addicted to music and as you know surely it’s always music there!
I don’t know why but when I hear music, I feel so much better, so confident! It’s more easy 
to posing a little bit. 


It’s so crazy, more than 8 folks asked me if I’m “Christina Key” at the fair this day! I mean this
is so damn madly! I thought I’m just the girl who take some photographs and have a little blog
here in Freiburg. Yes, 8 people are not much but for me this experience was dope! I’ve never
thought that something like this can happen to me! 🙂 But wait….at the evening happened some-
thing madder….

I came home utterly done and just checked out my facebook and instagram and suddenly
my heart leapt into my throat! A guy at the fair took a photo of me and my boy when we
took this outfit pics! He uploaded it on insta and marked me and wrote something like “I’ve
met Christina Key today”. A guy I don’t know! I think it’s crazy that he took a picture and didn’t
talk to me when he saw me. At the first moment I didn’t know if I should be happy or just cry!
I was very perplexed. Well I will never forget this insane day! So dope!

So tell me babes, what do you think about this fashion look here? 🙂 Let me know and write
your opinion in the comment form below. I’m very exited! Your girl Christina Key