Hey babes! I’m back with beautiful light of evening sun! Backlight is something magical I 
think! I love it, ’cause it covers everything in brilliant, gold glow. As you can see this stunning
light was the eponym for my today’s outfit. You won’t believe it but these pictures accrued
total random. When my boy and I came home from a day full of photoshootings we saw this
magical moment of setting of the sun. I was very charmed so I just asked about a impulsively
photoshooting of my look. Nico got carried away by enthusiasm. So we’ve done this pretty pics!

I was very surprised about how you guys pushed the like button on facebook, when I up-
loaded the preview picture of this post here! I’ve never expected this ’cause they are really
just “snapshots” after a long day of work. Crazy…:)

Well my outfit here is very casual I think! This jeans is my all time favourite! It’s just perfect.
If you read my blog regular you know that I’ve changed my hair style a little bit. On these
pictures you can see it very clear. Szenario is just amazing! Best hairdresser ever! 🙂

Isn’t this shirt lovely? I love it! The white dots on the blue is so beautiful. 

My sporty underpants is truly an eyecatcher, I mean I’m really serious about that! 😉
It reminds me on all that “wearing Calvin Klein” pictures on insta! 🙂

Do you like this look? Let me know and don’t forget to write a comment down! 🙂 Love,
Christina Key