Hey babes! 🙂 Great, that you read this post. Today I have another make up look for you. I’ve called this
look “Queen Of November” because it’s a little bit lavish, especially the headgear. But why “November”?
Well, in November the leafes gives their best. They shine so pretty colorful! The great red which is in
the background is also on my lips – so it looks very harmonic. My eyelids are colored in cold silver (like
the temperatures in November). To get a great contrast, I’ve used also black kohl and black nail polish.
To blind the colors on the eyelid I’ve used a pretty brown eyeshadow. I wanted that the make up is in the
foreground so my hairstyling is sublte and so I just have these two strand of hair in the front. Now it’s your
turn. How do you folks like this look? 🙂  XX,  CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG