Rotes Spitzenkleid


Hey ho! How are you babes? I hope you enjoy your week-end right! 🙂 I have really much
to do this we. My plans are editing some photos, do a few photo shootings, tidy my room (oh 
yes!), take some new outfit pics and last but no least chilling around with my love! This is 
one of the most important things! From Monday till Friday we don’t have much time together.
At the week-ends we have a lot of plans usually. The last time we had a whole day together
was long time ago. It’s so annoying! Don’t understand me wrong, I love photography, editing
pictures and capture all the beautiful moments but sometime I need a little hiatus from all these
social media thing! I mean if you want to be always up to date with your stuff, you have really to
post a lot! And not just on your facebook line! Instagram, lookbook, 500px and many other stuff
are waiting for me regulary. I think you know what I’m talking about, hmm? 

The thing is, if you do your break from the „virtual world“ too long, you damage oneself, spoken 
out with dramatic. This is a gyratory hamster wheel, if you say „goodbye“ – and maybe just for
one month – you are out. There are so, so many people with the same vision like you, if you
don’t want to get missed you should play this little, sometimes stressful game! Some guys of 
you already know that I had a blog a long time before. In 2011 I started. Everything was fine.
I had a lot of readers. But then, after 3 years of blogging about my life, photography and fashion
I needed a big pause. When you never had an own blog, you probably don’t know how much
work this thing is! I remember my usually days back in 2011-2014 clearly. I came home from 
school, ate something and then it was time for blogging! Almost every afternoon I wrote something
new, took some pictures (selfies) and did all these social media stuff. Why do I tell you this?
Well sometimes I have this bad feeling that the most of people don’t know how much work 
this project „Christina Keys Blog“ is. How much time my boy and I spend working on everything.
If we take the pictures for an outfit post, we always want something „perfect“. We wanna get 
better and better. If you read this blog you should recognize that the pictures get better and better.
Well I hope you will see it! :)) If I post a new fashion look I want to share with you something with
a little artistic touch! Well I could do pretty normal outfit posts but I don’t want to! That’s why you 
don’t see every day something new. I want to take the time and do something special. I hope you
will see it! 🙂 Hmmm, do you? Let me know and write it in the comment form bellow. Thanks in advance!


Well I should talk about my look today a little bit. 🙂 I’m wearing a beautiful, sexy, red dress
that I’ve bought some weeks ago. I have the same one in black too. Isn’t it edgy? If you haven’t 
seen it: I’m wearing this necklace also in THIS outfit post. I just have to say that I really like it
because it’s really my thing. Big and beautiful! 🙂 Well, self-praise is not cool but I’m really proud
of these pictures! I like the colors and the posing very much. It’s crazy when I say this I know
but if I’m honest: You could laud yourself definitively sometimes! 😉 If you don’t do this every
day, it’s okay I think! 🙂 

So folks now it’s your turn! Let me know what you think about everything! About my long
text, the pictures and the outfit! 🙂 Love, Christina Key

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