Cheese Dessert

The recipe today will really tasty. Cheese dessert sounds crasy but every body who love cheese jam sandwich know that cheese perfect with sweet fruits. Cheese also perfect with red wine. So let them combine.

We will make a frutty and tasty dessert with the three ingredients.

Of cours you can vary the recipe by changing cheese or other fruits. The recipe also very tasty with figs or pears.



(4 Portions)
200 g Cheese (Brie)
650 g Plums (or figs, pears…)
5 tbs Orange juice
2 tbs Honey
1 Stick of cinnamon
150 ml Red wine


1) Halve and stone the plums
2) Mix red wine with honey and orange juice in a pot
3) Add cinnamon and plums, boil up and cook it for about 8 minutes
4) serve with brie



Enjoy the dessert! Do you also love cheese in desserts? What is you favourite cheesedessert? Let me Know 🙂