Refreshing, Light and Tasty

At termpertures of over than 30°C I do will happily without hearty dishes. I need in these days some fresh and light food. Watermelons and other Fruits with high water ratio are great and refreshing. The combination with melons and feta cheese is a really tasty contrast between the sweet melon and the salty cheese. Lets add some lettuce, tomatos and a simply but tasty dressing. If you like you also can add some rucola and fresh mint.


Salad with watermelon and feta cheese in a watermelon with tomatos

(4 Portions)

1/2 (Water-) melon
400 G Lettuce
100 G Tomatos
200 G Feta Cheese

For the Dressing:
1 tsp. Salz
1/2 tsp. Pfeffer
8 tbsp. Balsamico
8 tbsp. Oliven Öl

Tomato with green and waterperls


1) Wash and cut the salad
2) Cut the melon and feta cheese into cubes
3) Wash the tomatos and quater them or cut them in slices
4) Mix the dressing
5) Mix the salad with the dressing


Summer salad and dressing in a water-melon

Do you like the combination of melon and feta cheese?

Nico Treeman