How super are Superfood?

Did you also here that there is a fruit from South America, Africa or China which make you healthy? I hear a lot of myths about such fruits, vegetables and seeds. There was an old nation who never had problems with heart… But actually this is a marketing strategy. So they sell food really expensive which are not better than our regional food. Quite the contrary, the food need to travel really long till we get it here in Europa. So the Super Foods aren’t fresh anymore and they are unable to keep up with our fresh regional food.

I do eat some super food but not because “they are so healthy”, but to bring more variety to my food. So if you want to eat healthy and don’t get poor, I’ve got some regional food for you which are as good as super food. (or better 🙂 )

Chia Seeds are the most popular super food they contain a lot of minerals, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and valuable fibre.


Walnuts and linseed have comparable number of minerals and fibre. Walnuts also have more omega-3 fatty acids.


Matcha Tea is really overpriced: 30g of tea costs 30€. The super quality are the antioxidants.


But 1 Cup of Matcha Tea contain such as much antioxidant as 15 gram blueberries or 10 gram dark chocolate.


Chinese goji berries taste like raisins and have so much healthy benefits as normal regional fruits and vegetable. This is the result from a study of university Granada.


The old apple sorts are really healthy for example: Boskop, Cox Orange and Golden Delicious. They contain more polyphenols and less allergens.

Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread 🙂


The Açai-berries contains a lot of Anthocyanen this have the function of an antioxidant. But the berries contain also a lot of fat.


Also red grapes, elder, blackcurrants and red cabbage have a lot of Anthocyanen without fat.


The perfect start of every day: “regional super food”. I did often miss breakfast, because I hadn’t enough Time, but every day I got the response from my body with headaches. So I found the perfect breakfast with healthy regional food. You can easily mix your “Birchermüesli” at evening and store it in refrigerator for 3 days. So you just have to take and eat it in the morning. It will never get boring, because you can add a lot of fruits and other products for example, blueberries, raspberries, raisins and walnuts. (The regional superfood) and much more. But I will show you the basic recipe so you can mix with whatever you want.

ingredients birchermuesli


(4 Portions)
12 tbsp oat flocks
250 ml apple juice
60 g hazelnuts (grounded)
1 lemon
4 Apples
200g grapes
500g yoghurt



1) Mix the oat flocks and the apple juice and allow to soak for about 20 min.
2) Rasp the apples and mix with the juice from the lemon.
3) Cut the grapes in half.
4) Mix everything and enjoy 🙂





What do you think about the Superfood trend? Let me know!