Today you get one of my all time favourite looks ever! Usually I don’t like very casual and simple
looks but this grey-black dress is everything! The dress is very figure-enhancing and it’s very nice
to wear it, because the fabric is very soft. I’ve renounced any jewellery aware because I think this
hot dress speaks for itself. Are you following me? This pretty Ray-Ban Sunglasses, which was a
present from my brother some years ago, goes perfect with the simple dress! I would say perfect
team! 🙂 On this outfit, I’ve choosen a very simple make up, just a little bit eyeliner, mascara and 
foundation. When I have sleeked my hair, I prefer the natural, undramatic look. Oh I have to ask
you one important question today! 🙂 Do you know “Who is Fancy”? You have to listen to his amazing
song “Goodbye”. I’m sure you have seen the advertising from coke on TV sometime. Well, I’ve 
put the video of this cute guy below. Please watch it! I’m sure you are in love with this song like I am!
You can’t imagine how often I’ve listen to this great song for now. I mean his voice is heart-balm!
His whole attitude is pure lovely! How can someone be so cute?! 🙂 Awww, you recognize that I’m
crazy for this little cutie! I hope he will visit Germany so I can go to one of his concerts! Cross your
fingers! It would be marvellous! Well, take a deep breath Christina, calm down. Yep. You know,
if I love someting very much I’m untamable! And when I hear this song I’m hooked! My bae could
tell you, haha! I’m very happy to tell you that I get my beloved color of hair this afternoon! I’m range 
between a soft lavender and a lovely pink. What do you prefer? I’m looking forward to Tuesday, because
I’m going to spend my voucher from Soccx that I’ve got some weeks ago. I have to spend 250 euro.
Lets see if I find something beautiful for you dear readers! 🙂 I think so! 😉 Hey, I’m thinking about to raffle
this pretty, little bag that I’m wearing on this photographs. I’m not sure, because it’s very pretty but on
the other side my wardrobe is burting at the seams! I’m sure many of you babes understand, hehe. 
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Don’t forget to check out this amazing song, guys! 🙂 And now have a nice Sunday! LOVE,
Christina Key from CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG