Hey babes! I’m back with a brand new fashion look! I have this sexy jeans jumpsuit for a long
time. You won’t believe but it’s originally from the 90ies! If you read my blog since 2014 you 
should know that I really love the 90ies and the fashion from this decade very much! Because
I’m kinda obsessed with the 90ies, I’ve done a great project called “Faces Of The 90ies” You 
should check out my photography work on my blog in Facebook! 🙂 Well, I like this cool jumpsuit
a lot because it looks very edgy and sexy in my opinion. My bae says that this jumpsuit looks like
a little bit futuristic, I agree with that point. The beautiful blue color is perfect for red lips, so I’m
wearing one! Do you like this look? Let me know folks! 🙂 …And now a busy week-end is waiting
for me….Love, CHRISTINA KEY