Superfood from the home country
It’s time for the “King Vegetableasparagus! The season starts from the end of April and end traditionally on the 6. June. This is really a superfood from Europa. It is one of the healthiest vegetables! 93% are water 2% are protein. And only 0,2% are fats, because of that you have just 15 calories per 100g. Another point is that asparagus have a lot of minerals and vitamins. For example, potassium, calcium, phosphor, vitamin A, E and K. And it doesn’t matter if you like more the green or white one, they are both healthy!

The first time I ate asparagus as a child. And I thought, that I don’t like it. Because I have a lot of fibers in my month. So I never ate them until I worked on a farm where they have a lot of them. And there I learned: if you pull the asparagus right you never will have fibers! So I give the asparagus a new try and I have to say: I love it. I will share now my first asparagus recipe with you! Even people who don’t like them were really impressed. So let’s start with the recipe:





Do you also love asparagus? Let me know!