erdberen Heidelbeer Joghurt im Glaß

Sugar in “healthy” food

With the change of the seasons we also change what we eat. We prefer hearty meals in the dark and cold time and light meals with rising temperature. Many of light convenience food looks healthy but you will wonder where and how much sugar they have. Even “sugar-free” products have sometimes hidden sugar. I found 27 possibilities to hide the sugar in “sugar-free” food in Germany.

Sugar isn’t bad. We need sugar and we use sugar as remedy. But we only need about 50 grams per day and we consume about 100 grams every day! This is the cause of serious heathy problems. For example: Diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s.


erdberen Heidelbeer Joghurt im Glaß

The best possibility to reduce your sugar consume is to cooking your own food and uses no instant products. If you will need something sweet, I would suggest you to buy fruits instated of sweets or chocolate. I love for example strawberries and blueberries. In combination with yoghurt you will have a tasty and healthy dessert in less than 3 Minutes.



erdberen Heidelbeer Joghurt im Glaß erdberen Heidelbeer Joghurt im Glaß


Which are your favourite sugarfree dessert?