Hey folks! Today I have a new look for you. On warm days in autumn, you can even wear a 
skirt and a hot top here in Freiburg! I have to say I’m loving this town more and more…hehe.
Well I’m very busy these days, I have so many projects that I’m working out almost day and 
night. It’s so stressful. I definitely need a few days of rest and I should sleep a little bit more!
My eye circles grow and grow, haha! 😀 I’m so happy because tomorrow I will go to Berlin for 
a few days with my bae! But wait! It’s not for fun, we are going to work on our business! 🙂
To the look: I’m wearing a brown maxi skirt and this stunning top! I love the colors and the pattern
of it! I have to tell you that I think I’m obsessed with this beautiful red lipstick! Can’t survive one
day without it! :´) How do you like my look? Let me know! 🙂 Love, CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG