Have a nice day dear ones. ♥ Today I have a brand new photography post for you. On the follow photographs you can see the beautiful girl Jenny, a very nice and endless pretty one. It’s funny how we get to know each other. I was searching after a few folks who are interested to create a photoshooting in the style of the 90ies with me. So, I posted in a few fleamarket groups in Facebook (Freiburg) and she was one of the girl who write me a message. Before this photo session she had no professional shoot, so it was her very first time. From the beginning, I was so in love with her beautiful face!  ♥ The funny thing is that so many “photographers” from Freiburg asked her after a photoshooting, when I uploaded some pics on my facebook page. Seems that more people than I think check out my works but don’t like something. Hehe, haters and so on….☻ Anyway, these photographs were took when we made a photoshoot in the water. At first I did her make up and hairstyling. I have to say that I like it very much, if I do almost by myself. Nobody destroys my personal ideas, it’s nice! ☻ So guys, tell me, how do you like these photographs? I think they’ve got a mystical touch, don’t you think so?  XX, CHRISTINA KEYS BLOG