Do you folks know the song “Wind of change” from the Scorpions? I have to say that I really LOVE that song! Usually I like the music from former days (70ies, 80ies) very much! ♥ In my opinion the music from the past was the “real” music. Music with heart and feelings. Yes, today’s hits are sometimes pretty cool too. But the music from the past is true, so real I think. Not only the lyrics were cooler, the melodies were more different. What do you think about that? Do you like the music from past days or today more? Or can we compare it anyway? Well, perhaps I prefer the music from bygone days more coz I was growing up with it. My father always listened to the music from the Scorpions, Slade (hell yeah! ♥) and Smokie (so good!). It’s funny that all musicians groups starts with a “S” – the magical “S” perhaps? :”) Today’s post is about a fresh make up look. I’ve called it “wind of change” – not just because my hair is blowing freely in the wind. I just think that this title is perfect for the look. ☻ The whole make up is very strong this time. My dark eye make up reaches my eyebrow and on my cheeks I’m wearing a little bit bronzig powder, so we get a touch of eleganze I think. For my lips I’ve used also a bronze colour. Bronze and blue are a perfect team together, because of that I’m wearing a white blue shirt and a great, blue necklace in the style of the 90ies on the photographs. Some years ago, my sister bought this beautiful jewellery in Prague. I think it’s so glamourous! ♥ I’ve pulled up my hair in a tight bun, I don’t wear this very often. That the hair doesn’t look too harsh, I’m wearing my hair with wisps left free hanging. They wave in “the wind of change”. :”) Now tell me folks, how do you like this make up and hair look? 🙂  XX, CHRISTINA KEY